23 year old blogger currently, between London and Manchester.
I  really like horror movies, metal music, as well as Marilyn Manson and Tokio Hotel! You could call me a basic #altgirl I guess.
First thing to know about me is the fact that I hate writing “about me”! I feel like it’s hard to put your entire persona into one or two paragraphs but I will try.
I’ve started writing Rock this Runway in 2012. Rock comes from my love of rock music (although as I grew older metal sort of took over) and the Runway, part comes from my freelance modelling experience and the fact lot’s of peeople tell me to “stop, walking like you’re on a runway” whenever I wear heels, I’m sorry I can’t help it. Before blogging, I already had some fashion experience, working at a luxury swimwear brand as well as stu(dying) fashion design in college. When I’ve started this blog it was mainly personal style and fashion, basically what you can find in a generic fashion blog nowadays. Few years later I added, beauty, lifestyle and music. I also write more in-depth articles about the fashion industry and life in general. Besides from blogging I’ve also been writing for Meade Magazine for over 3 years,now rebranded as Meade Online. Thought which I got experience in journalism, styling as well as creative direction and photography as well as working with some incredibly creative and talented people! I’ve also had two amazing people, Alma and Josh, helping me out creating the visual content for this blog on in the course of two years, without their wonderful help this blog wouldn’t be the same!
I hope you will enjoy your stay here! And don’t forget to connect!

All the products gifted to be me by a PR company, designer or a brand for promotional purposes will be market with an asterisk (*) as well as link to the product or brand’s website as of January 2016.
Please note that this blog is a personal style blog, all the opinions on all the products (gifted or bought) are my own personal opinions, however I would never bash a company or it’s product.
The only thing I rant about is life 🙂 Please note that I am cruelty free with my make up, skincare and haircare therefore I won’t be using or reviewing any products or company that tests on animals.
For collaborations and business opportunities or if you’d like to say hi my inbox is always open please contact me at