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It’s been few months since you’ve seen this outfit hasn’t it? Or maybe it’s the first time you’re seeing it, in which case, perfect. That makes me feel a lot better about posting these so late. I think this whole “no pressure” blogging is starting to really working out for me. And by that I mean that I post what I want and when I want without feeling too much pressure or guilt if it does not happen. When I’ve first shot this pretty little thing collaboration few months ago with the insanely talented Kaye Ford, I knew that I’d create separate blog posts of each of the outfits a long side the main collaborative post. 


A) because I want to 

B) these photos turned out way too good for me not to over share them.

As for this dress well. It has caught my eye and made me bit infatuated with it the moment I’ve seen it online. I think at this point the fact that black is my comfort zone is no brainer. But when it comes to collaborations with brands from time to time I do enjoy going out of my comfort zone and choosing pieces I normally wouldn’t. It puts me out of my (dark) comfort zone and forces my creativity to work harder and make that piece work for my own personal style. And that’s why one the reasons why I’ll argue that style is far more important then fashion. Sounds weird coming from a fashion blogger huh? But it’s true. Focusing on yourself, and what you feel comfortable in and forgetting about the high hopes that the fashion industry sets is going to bring you so much more joy out of items you end up choosing. I know I may sound preachy but it’s true. This dress is a perfect example of that. I’m not the most colourful person out there. Not because I hate colour (if that’d be the case my hair wouldn’t be green) it’s because most of the time fashion that is multicoloured simply doesn’t appeal to me. Most of the time anyway. But this dress did and I’ve decided to make it work for me, and I knew how I’m going to do it even before I booked Kaya for the shoot or even when my dress arrived. We all know my love for harnesses and all the shoes tall. I do think that a very tall heel and a harness can be a casual and everyday combo. I do in fact tend to wear both to just grab soya milk from Tesco’s or coffee from Starbucks (yes, I know I’m painfully white) but at the end of I do it for me, because it’s my style, my fashion and my clothes. As long as you feel comfortable in what you wear even if it’s a red dress and everyone knows you for wearing strictly all black. Who cares. Wear it. Own it! 

Love xxx 


Dress- Pretty Little Thing “Bodycon”* (gifted) // Harness Vegan Leather – Nasty Gal (similar) // Choker & Vegan Leather – Killstar // Tights – Dolls Kill // Shoes – Public Desire

Photography: Kaya Ford ( @Fordtography

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  • Britt K July 31, 2019 at 4:46 pm

    I LOVE that dress, although I’m not sure it would look quite the same with my body type hahaha
    So much fun stepping out of your comfort zone from time to time


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