Posted on June 6, 2019 by Kinga Kurek

I would be a liar if I told you that I haven’t felt guilty to take so much time to upload this outfit photos. But it’s #ThrowbackThursday (yeah, that’s how I try to justify it) and as I checked, these photos were uploaded onto my WP on this day a year ago, but in fact they were taken TWO years ago. Since I had colourful hair for two years now. It’s funny how I can tell when the photo was taken depending on the colour or the cut of my hair. It’s a good timeline to have. 

And even though my hair went thought hell and backwards and most likely will be constantly changing until it eventually falls off and I am forced to wear wigs, my style mainly stayed the same. Which is nice thing to see, I mean honestly, the roller coster my wardrobe had over the years is unreal, so it’s nice to have some sort of fashion stability for once. I still own all of these clothes, apart from shoes which I’ve worn to literal death (R.I.P).

 So that’s a blog post to just I don’t know document that in fact my style can be stable? I don’t know? Enjoy the photos. 

Love xxx  

Top & “Sad Goth” Socks: Killstar // Skirt & Cardigan: Disturbia (similar) // Rings: Rogue & Wolf, Shop Dixi // Necklaces: Killstar & Shop Dixi // Shoes: TUK “NoseBleed” 

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Photography: Rosemary Lloyd 

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