Posted on June 23, 2019 by Kinga Kurek

 Here is yet another photoset from the past. As much as I enjoy creating new content I do need to publish the content that’s in my hard drive. What’s the point of creating something if it’s never seen. Of course I create for myself and my sanity but still. I created these photo’s around this time last year out of sheer boredom at my parents house back up north. When my hair was pink and purple with still fairly good condition, in comparison to now of course.There was no plan, it was not a planned outfit, it wasn’t even a shooting day. My Disturbia haul has just arrived on a day that I didn’t work and the only agenda for the day was to binge watch Netflix. But I’m glad that hasn’t happened as otherwise these photo’s would not exist and as I’m not the type of person who likes to complement themselves a lot, I must say I slayed these few pictures. 

creating content can be draining at times but i live for it. 

No, but really. I do. Being on schedule drains me. The pressure to create and perform well drains me. The pressure of numbers and statistics and analytics are killing me to the core of my entire being. And I hate it. And that kills my love for blogging. That makes me want to not to share what I create.

But mostly I feel like what I have to say doesn’t mean anything sometimes, therefore I stay silent but how can I blog on mute? I can’t. 

So push myself to blog and to create as the positives are way greater then negatives, I try to remember what this little space of mine gave me, whenever it’s friendships for life, skills or a simple place of self expression. And I am so much in my own head these days that blogging is hard, all of these thoughts are hard be putted out there for the world to see. But here I am, writing, and as it may not make much sense to some of you of what my rumbles are about i’m just hoping one person will understand an relate. 

Dress – Disturbia (similar) // RingsRogue and Wolf  // Silver Choker – Regal Rose (similar)

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