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(lol I didn’t even publish the part 1 and 2 of this series but here’s part 3 I guess)
For someone who has rather dark sense of humour as well as style I’ve noticed I tend to be quite attracted to light. But not just your basic sunshine light, that’s boring. I’m talking about the pretty light, the wall light, the light that is able to brighten my accessories and my mood. I’m kidding, it was mainly Charley’s presence that’s done that. 
You may not know this as I have never published the photos from that shoot but this is a second outfit that I’ve shot in this location. I’m also wearing the same top I’ve done in the last shoot #SomeoneBuyKingaNewClothes  But what can I say I like this T-shirt and the location. I love fashion, and even though my wardrobe  has no room for new clothes, I do tend to wear about 10 articles of clothing. Writing this makes me think I should do 10×10 clothing challenge after all (it’s when you can work with only 10 articles of clothing in 10 days span) so let me know if you’d like me to take part in this challenge. Or let me know if you, yourself took a part. 
However, the fact that, very similar outfit was shot in this location just shows my appreciation of it, and as Charley told me, not many people know about it, I’m not going to lie, there were quite few people who where walking past while we were shooting, which doesn’t take away from the awkwardness from shooting in public in slightest (!) But I think after what, 6 almost 7 years of blogging I should get use to it. But nope, weirdly enough shooting isn’t my favourite part of blogging, it use to be, but over the years I’ve noticed that editing is more of my calling, even writing something that use to be so close to my heart, and something I enjoyed dearly, feels so alien to me. Even writing these words doesn’t feel right. But I know I’ll get back to it, it’s just a matter of actually writing more, then just moaning about not being able to write. If that makes sense.   
Anyway, I hope my words make sense to you and you will take something out of this mess of a most, or at least enjoy the photos and the video Charley took of me, she’s definitely not only my favourite human but also my favourite person to shoot with. She makes me look good.
Let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Love xxx

Top: Disturbia // Kimono: H&M (similar) // Trousers: Moschino (similar) // Hoodie: John Galliano // Bracelet: MCQ // Shoes: UNIF (similar) // Choker: Killstar // Rings: ShopDixi, Rogue & Wolf // Necklaces: ShopDixi x Harmony Nice

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Photography: Charley

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  • Ami Amour May 7, 2019 at 1:57 am

    love the video and photos! the edits are so cool. i would like to see you do the 10 x 10 clothing challenge. i also tend to wear a small amount of my wardrobe even though i have a lot of clothes.


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