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Posted on April 10, 2019 by Kinga Kurek

This morning oddly enough I have woken up super early, and by early I mean 4am, no alarm clock needed. Which usually doesn’t happen, especially since i know i can sleep in, and am rather tired. But once I’ve woken up I knew going back to sleep was not an option, my brain began to drift with ideas, thoughts and feelings. I felt this weird urge to just get up and start writing anything, I went though my drafts on here and noticed a blog post that never made it to be published, so I’m currently doing some rework to it and sharing with the wonderful time Kimi and I spent in London back in January. It’s funny actually because this time 2 years ago we actually got to spend time together when I’ve visited her in Leipzig, and she’s coming to visit me this week too. It’s amazing how stuff like that happen, isn’t it? 

When Kimi decided to visit me back in January as she  has told me that she wanted to experience London again and I was more than happy to have her here. She has already published a blog post, which her images and kind words filled me with so much happiness. You can check it out here.  It was so nice we could recreate new memories especially since I’m now back in London living in a different place then few years ago. I like the idea of attaching memories to parts of London (or any city I am in for that matter)  At some point I defiantly want to come back to Germany this year, even if it’s just for a weekend. 

However as I am anticipating an arrival of Kimi’s today (I’m seeing my babe in few hours eek) I’ve wanted to trackback a bit and tell you about or winter adventures, which to be honest, were not what you would expect from stereotypical bloggers. I mean, yes we did go to a fashion event, London Edge together, which was so amazing, we got to see some of the coolest alternative brands such as Altercore, TUK, Manic Panic and so much more. As well as other fellow alternative bloggers and people from the industry. Which is also one of the main reason why I adore fashion events so much and am grateful for event’s such as London Edge as it allows the fellow creatives and people from alternative community meet up, network and exchange ideas, passions and of course contacts, since at the end of the day it is a trade show. 

After London Edge we went to Black Cat which is an all vegan/ vegetarian place for some food and drinks, where I drank the best vegan wine (obvs) and mad the best vegan appraisers, one of them being cornflower fried bits, so good! Defiantly check it out if you’re ever in Shoreditch. After drinks we went back to my place and talked for hours while drinking black coffee. I must tell you the amount of deep and meaningful conversations we had in such short space of time is amazing! 

Having Kimi with me has really put things in perspective for me and made me look at stuff differently. For example Kimi loves London and England in general and really wanted a to move here, and I’ve been there. When I lived up north I couldn’t wait to move back to this city that I call home. But being far away has made me appreciate it more. And Kimi’s passion and love for this city makes me realise how lucky I am to live here. And as dumb as it sounds I’m lucky and happy to have friends like Kimi to make me realise that and of course to be so kind to visit and be so understanding too. Few times I had to go to work and leave her by herself for few hours, which I hated but ya girl needs to work and Kimi was so understanding about it. Like a true friend would. Also thought the time she was here you’d be surprised how little stereotypical blogger things we’ve done, honestly we didn’t shoot anything or the only filming that has been done was just in a vlog format. I know wild, but as much I enjoy doing all the typical blogger things I also enjoy switching off and living in a moment. And even thought that motto is inked on my left forearm it’s something that I tend to forget as my mind doesn’t switch off often. 

But friends such as Kimi help me with that. And I’m grateful for it! 

Let’s be friends ^_^

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