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Posted on March 8, 2019 by Kinga Kurek

I’ll tell you. I’ve never really been a “dress” type of girl. Ever. In fact once for a family function I had to wear a dress AND heels. The horror. I cried, tried to rebel, at the time I’d rather be grounded then wear something so girly. I was about 8 years old. Today, while I’m writing this post I am 23, and I’m wearing all of these girly thing’s and more. Yet, I don’t perceive them as girly. Not anymore. I just see them as me. Well, another part of me anyway. When Pretty Little Thing has reached out to me few weeks ago asking me if I would like to collaborate with them on their “Dress Booster” Campaign and create some content based around a dress edit I automatically said “yes” Why? Well, it was Pretty Little Thing

But also because it was a challenge for me. 

I don’t wear dresses. Not really.

Not unless they feel “me”. For this collaboration I’ve wanted to make sure that’s not the case. I chose the items that I could wear my own way. I’ve wanted to show you that these items can be worn the way you want them to, no matter what style you have, whenever it’s girly, preppy, alternative. I am going to (try) to speak for the alt girls out there, at least, one, myself and prove to you that items from fast fashion companies can still be worn within your style. 


Photography by Kaye @fordtography

AD* // This post contains gifted dresses by Pretty Little Thing, the dresses are given for free in exchange for content. I do not get paid for this collaboration.

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When I’ve first seen this dress all I could think about was “corporate”. Weirdly enough I loved it. The pleated details, the light chiffon fabric and shape of the dress gave me the witchy vibe, that I just knew I could pull off. So I did, my inner Goth decided to pair this dress with a chiffon pull on, some platform boots as well as a round brim hat. A belt and a choker just completed this look entirely. The moment I’ve had it ready I loved how it turned out, it felt me, despite the fact that in the first glance I thought it could only be used as an office wear, I was wrong. I enjoy the versatility of this design, the fact it can be worn as something for work or something more casual like this look right here. Yes I do call it casual. And I know for a fact that if needed I could wear it for a more official occasion.   


The second dress I chose was definitely a choice from my practical side. This turtle next black knitted dress was a bold choice for the day of the shoot for sure since it was 18 degrees at the time but this is England and as I type this we have grey cloud and rain dropping from the sky. I’ve always loved knitted dresses too, it’s a very realistic styling choice since  it can easily dressed up or down. Once again no matter of what your style is. I’ve chose to mix it up a little thin with the floral tights and floral socks and this ASOS pierced beret. But also since I love mixing styles I’ve wanted to add the body harness and platform creepers to make this look for bold. And in my option it worked pretty well. What I liked about it was like. I said before ,so easy to style and I know there is definitely 1847595 other ways for me to wear this knitted dress.


When I was browsing the website to pick up the items to style for this collaboration one of my first picks was this dress right here. And I know one of the first things you’d say to me if you’d see me in person would be like “but Kinga this is in colour” yes it is. As you may know I don’t really wear much colour, however if I’ll do it will be red. I love the boldness of a red dress, especially if it’s a bodycon, I have a white version of this dress and I must say I love the fit. I know lace and satin tend to be the fabrics that are used for dresses for a night now, when I’ve worn it I had no intention on going out, in fact with this dress I had the idea of wearing in how I would wear it for a hot day. I know 6” heels and embodied leggings may see very extra choice for a casual look. But I am extra! I also had that body harness that wraps around the body and when I’ve added it to this look it was just complete. For some reason harnesses tend to complete outfits so well. Don’t they?

Thank you so much for reading, and if you watched the video, watching the video too. I hope you enjoyed the way I styled these items. Please let me know which dress is your favourite in the comments. I look forward to read your opinions.

Love xxx



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