2019: Please, be a good one

Posted on January 7, 2019 by Kinga Kurek

I know, I could not be more of a blogger cliche even if I tried. But you know what for 2k19 I’ll embrace it. I’ll be the walking cliche, whenever it’s regardless to blogging or well, existing. Even the fact that I love horror movies, metal music, have colourful hair and wear all black, I mean isn’t that a cliche of your stereotypical “alternative girl” even thought the idea of alternative is being different from mainstream but if you look at it most of us alternative folks all kind of look the same, in different ways of course, we are all separate individuals but we all have these similarities that in some shape and form makes us look alike. 

don’t talk about your goals

but maybe I’ll talk more about resolutions for the upcoming year?  As  I said, embracing being a complete walking cliche is definitely something I want to embrace, and possibly make fun off???
 1.Publish all of the images and video’s I created in the past couple of months, without worrying about the response and whenever they are “good enough” 

2. As hard as it’s going to be, given my work schedule and trying to maintain some sort of social life, I want to get myself back into some sort of blogging schedule. And at least blog once a week rather then once a month, I’ve done it before so hard can it be. 

3.Write at least something, it doesn’t have to be blog related or published, but I want to get myself back into writing more, therefore I want to practice writing one thing a day, whenever it’s a caption, a thought, anything. 


4.With saying that, I want to start reading more. Mainly reading more books. I definitely read enough online content but I’ll pick up a book once in a while.

5. Get another hobby other then blogging and YouTube. Don’t get me wrong I love it but I feel like with it being my only thing I do outside of work doesn’t fuel my passion and creativity. I don’t switch off. Which isn’t healthy at all. I need other things besides from this space. Therefore last night I got myself The Sims 2 (RIP my social life) and I cannot wait to escape my everyday life with this game. 


      It may literally not be lot’s of resolutions or stuff I want to achieve this year but I think it’s being realistic. The idea of resolutions should be so we can actually achieve them and if we bury ourselves in millions of stuff and to do lists, it’s way too easy to get overwhelmed and not do any of it, or even if we do achieve them, we can burn out.  So, for 2019, and that goes to myself and you as well, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, whenever it’s blogging or life, your job. Try to relax, get yourself back into old hobbies, find a creative outlet. Have goals but don’t let them define you. Take care of yourself. You got this. Hope all of you had amazing start of the year. I will be back very soon talking about the stuff that has happened in 2k18, it’s delayed I know, but like I said. No pressure. 


And what are your goals for this year? Is it to get a new job, travel more, get back into old hobbies. Let me know! I would love to know!  


                                  Love xxx  


Top – Disturbia // Hoodie Killstar // Beanie – drfaust.com* Shoes  TUK (similar) // Jacket – Vintage (similar//  Trousers –  Primark (similar)  Phone Case – Killstar (similar// Rings – Rogue and Wolf and ShopDixi

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  • Ami Amour January 10, 2019 at 1:35 am

    happy new year! love this post. your top is so cool and i love the phone case.


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