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ok, I got touch carried away. However as a walking stereotype (and a disaster) who wears all black and likes all the things spooky can you blame me for being overly excited that it’s finally the time of year where it’s (socially) acceptable to finally talk about the beauty of the scary. I know that I don’t need make up to appear scary but… I just love scary make up, all black clothing, fake blood… you get it. 

I must say, each year I am so excited for Halloween and before the month of October hits I am more then ready to smash all the Halloween content that I have in mind and then it simply does not happen. I mean I have few looks planned, this one included, maybe a make up video or two, definitely a haul. However there won’t be a video everyday, or a blog post every 3 days. Once again I wish that was the case, but I started creating Halloween content little bit too late, also I also got more hours at work recently, going from part-time to full-time and with a nearly two hour commute I cannot create as much as I wish. But that’s ok. Eventually I want to move out, I have other plans that require money, I want to actually get my shit together. And it’s a process, usually once that requires time and money, and these two things collide with creating blogging content of course. So I try to take one thing at the time. Do one thing at the time, otherwise I feel like my brain may explode and end up in the near by wall and that’s a mess that I’m sure most people would not want to clean up. Dark, I know, but it’s technically a Halloween post, so what are you expecting from me really?? 

Few weeks ago I was kindly invited by guys at EMP to their blogger Halloween party, which I was so happy to attend, mainly because it has given me a perfect excuse to come down to London and do some scary make up. Not that I need it but you know #Halloween #Aesthetics… I always loved dressing up, just ask my parents… And in some weird way since my style became all black everything, most clothing items that are launched by brands nowadays don’t seem all that “scary” I just look at it like everyday type clothing. Then again of course I would. This dress, mainly known as Wednesday Addams dress,  is a go to Halloween type dress that is seen as Halloween costume, but to me it’s just an everyday dress, that I definitely don’t wear enough. 

Anyone else? 

I hope you will enjoy these photo’s and a video of this outfit, it’s embedded under the photos. Thank you for stopping by. 

What is one item of clothing that you think of as your everyday type of item to wear but lot’s of people look at it as Halloween costume. Please let me know in the comments! 

Love xxx

Hat & Shirt – H&M 

Dress – Asos (similar)

Shoes – “Schoshe” by Unif

Choker & Pentagram Socks– Killstar 

Pentagram NecklaceAlchemy England 

Photography: Emily 


  • Rachel War October 10, 2018 at 11:43 am

    You look amazing! You really suit those contacts! And what freaky editing on the video! Loved it!

  • Adam Rush October 10, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    I’m loving the look. I’ve just found a long sleeve tee with a skeleton on it, I’ll be wearing it regularly not just for Halloween. X

  • Ami Amour October 10, 2018 at 8:15 pm

    omg you look amazing! love the wednesday addams look. and the video is so cool.


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