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Posted on August 19, 2018 by Kinga Kurek

I’ve been so excited to share this photoset and video with you. So excited that I’ve been postponing posting this video and images till now. I think by this time both you and I have came to terms with the fact that when it comes to publishing content, especially a content that I am way to excited to publish in fact, I am rather terrible. I’m always scared, too scared to publish some of items or videos or outfits. Too scared that my expectations for them are too high, that people won’t like them as much as I do, or at all. That I’ll let the number of views or comments define me which can either make my day or break it. I love with blog with every single inch of my being and with each post I’m trying to create something that I am proud of. I want this space to be one that I brag to people about rather than hide it in shame. Sometimes the numbers on the screen can change that. Especially now, as a blogger your engagement rate is literal that, your rate, your currency, your identity. I have so many cool images and articles in the making but I am too damn scared to even upload half of them because

I know the moment I hit that “publish” button it won’t be just a blog post.It will be me.

As you know I took a mini break from posting. It was much needed since this passion of mine wasn’t fun anymore, it was stressful. And I don’t want it to be, I love sharing my life, images and thoughts with you guys. But I don’t want it to be something that will make me stressed and sad because I didn’t post something on a certain day. I definitely want to write a blog post at some point about all of the lessons I’ve learned from that blogging break. I think it’s something you guys would enjoy. But today I’ve just wanted to share an outfit I’ve worn few months ago, at this point, when I met up with Jess and Vicki to take photo’s and hang out. Meeting these two incredible and kind souls is definitely one of the things I am happy that were the result of my blogging. Online can we rather cool, right? Jess kindly took these photo’s of my outfit and filmed a short outfit video as well (it’s embedded below) and it’s the first video that I’ve edited using Final Cut Pro, and not to be full of myself but I think I did a pretty good job. There’s definitely lot’s to be improved on but in the last few weeks I’ve been editing non stop to really polish those video editing skills, mainly because I really enjoy it.

Anyway, I’ve got to go, I hope you enjoyed this post, the photos, outfit, the video. Please leave me some suggestions of what else you’d like to see on here. And of course your thought on today’s post. 

Have an amazing day/night! 

Love xxx

Choker: Killstar

Top: John Galliano 

Cardigan: Disturbia

Shoes: TUK (similar)

Belt with chain: ASOS

Trousers: ASOS (similar)

Crystal Necklace: Regal Rose 

Fake Rose Plugs: Sleepy Seagull

Rings: Regal Rose  Rogue and Wolf, Shop Dixi


Photography and videography: Jess 

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