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In case you haven’t noticed the trend in the latest blog post topics (see here and here) I’ve been talking a lot about how sometimes keeping up with the online conversation can be rather tough. And that comes from someone who absolutely adores blogging and sharing my thoughts and images online.  The main reason, or person rather, that takes the fun out of blogging for me, is well, myself. I am someone who always strives to be the best that I can, always trying to get the first place. Typical Aries. I remember being quite young and just finishing my first swimming competition, I must have been about 6 years old. I got a third place, which considering that was a first ever thing I’ve competed in, its quite good. But my younger self was upset, so much that I remember crying while getting the medal and certificate because I didn’t win. You could say that I grew with that sort of mindset and attitude. Unless I can be the best at everything, the first, it looses the appeal to me. In a way it’s good as it makes me more driven but at the same time it can completely kill my drive and makes me demotivated because “what’s the point”.

I defiantly put too much pressure and stress to myself, whenever my content is good enough, if it’s the right time to post, how many people will see it, will they like it, etc. You get the drill. And that kills my love for blogging. It stops becoming something that I do because I enjoy it. I have enough stress in my life, so why am I putting these pressures unto myself regarding one thing that I have a complete control over and one that meant to bring me happiness? I don’t know. I am a perfectionist who always wants things to go her way. But lately very little has been so maybe I need to slow down and go with the flow. I’ve never been good at that. But today I present you with a much shorter blog post and photos that have been taken on an iPhone rather then on my beloved DSLR. It’s something that so unusual for me, I had this blog for ages and never ever uploaded iPhone photos. Although I must say, the quality isn’t bad at all. Technology has definitely came far. I also have DSLR photos of this outfit but that will come in it’s own time. I just really wanted to blog today and share this outfit. So here it is. I wore this dress (with some flip flops lol) to a family dinner when I was in Spain just last week. I really liked the outfit, the make up and even how my hair looked so I asked my sister to snap new images for my Instagram and there were few more that I liked so I’ve figured why not write a quick note for the blog.

What do you think of iPhone photos, do you prefer then then a DSLR?

Also do you put too much pressure on your blog or social media?

How do you deal with it? Please share those tips! 

Love xxx

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