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There are days when I love blogging. Other day’s I hate it. On so many of them I can’t even think of a single word that I can type above the images that are uploaded unto this platform. But once I do, they seem to just flow. It’s just breaking that invisible barrier between my mind and the screen. On so many days I feel like my voice is worthless, not heard, not valid. That no one actually cares if I’ll post a new blog post or a video. That no one would notice if I wouldn’t post on my Instagram for few days. It’s almost as blogging is creating more stress, into my life. Instead of it being the source of joy, it can become a sort of burden. And believe me I love blogging I really do. If anyone knows me even a bit one of the first thing’s they’ll most likely to tell you about me is how much passion I have for creating content and blogging. Because at times, blogging is like air for me. Invisible but needed to live. I’ve noticed in the recent few years that I’m not really a blogger, well, not just a blogger anyway (not that I think I’m something much more, I’m not trying to sound big headed) I see myself more as a content creator. I blog, I create videos on YouTube, I have my Instagram where from time to time you’ll may see a different image from me rather then just the ones that are uploaded here. But that is what majority of bloggers need to do now days in order to make something of ourselves. Having just a blog simply isn’t enough. And sometimes it makes me feel like blogging is actually dying, which sad to think about, it feels like more people care about Instagram and YouTube then about reading bunch of words on someone’s blog. I blame the forever decreasing attention span. We can the attention, knowledge, likes, views etc. And we want it now. Heck, I want it all now. If I don’t see the results of my hard work paid off immediately I get so discouraged. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Form a creators point of view the amount of content that needs to me published and created in order to “be on top of things” can be stressful. And sometimes that amount of stress is more than we can handle. We need to take a break and start again. Mine meant to be way longer but due to unfortunate circumstances all the content that I had ready to be published got for the lack of a better word, stolen. Literally two days before my holiday some asshole stole my wallet which had my only two SD cards and pen drive with all of my previous content. So you can only image how upset I was (ngl I did a little cry) And even thought I’ve been told to rest on my time off I’m taking that advice only partly to heart, I’m relaxing sure. But the pressure to be on top of things and create content is there. I’m someone who can’t just relax that’s why I’m always in work mode, whenever it’s my actual job, this blog, writing or interning. At the same time the pressure of content can be daunting for a reader. From a readers point of view, I not only of course write a blog but I also read other people’s blogs, and the amount of content to be consumed each day. It can be stressful. But somehow we mange, right?

I do feel guilty for not blogging for a month. I feel like I should have done more. But that’s life and I guess all I can do at this point is get over it and just work on what I have. As I’m currently writing this, I would die out of a heatstroke if I would wear the outfit that Emily shot few weeks ago. Let’s just say boots, layers, and hoodies aren’t the greatest idea for hot weather. But it’s defiantly part of my wardrobe that grew on me. I’ve always loved layers but hoodies is something that I really started to love this year. The more oversized the better. In this outfit I’ve paired my oversized Slipknot hoodie on top of a long harness hoodie by Killstar. It’s now definitely one of my favourite wardrobe pieces. I’ve thought that adding a skirt with platform boots would be a nice touch to the outfit.

What’s your favourite type of wardrobe, winter, summer or somewhere in between?

Also how do you feel about the pressure of posting or receiving online content on daily basis? 

Let me know! Hope you’ll have a lovely day! 

Love xxx



Top: Okkulist

Skirt: Killstar 

Slipknot Hoodie: EMP 

Quartz Choker: Killstar

Harness Hoodie: Killstar

Shoes: TUK Tractor Boot (similar)

Photography: Emilina



  • witchyvibes666 July 2, 2018 at 9:32 am

    You are definitely not alone, I totally feel the same about your thoughts! I often struggle with finding the time and will to blog and to run other social media because I thhink noone would care about me and my blog if I stopped. Of course this stresses me out and I do not know if I should carry on or just quit. We put so much effort in it and do not really see a nice result. I am still not sure what to do because I really like this hobby and it is also a kind of diary for me!

    I read on your Instagram about the stolen wallet, I am so sorry for you! Hopefully the thief returns at least the things he/she does not need. A break from blogging really helps and feels good, I had mine earlier this year.
    I really like the outfit – Killstar is awesome <3 I love your boots!
    Seasonwise I love summer but also autumn and spring where I can wear my cardigans and boots 🙂

    Cheer up, lovely!

  • kamil roj July 2, 2018 at 5:44 pm

  • Ami Amour July 5, 2018 at 3:33 am

    I feel you, it is a lot of pressure to be consistent with blogging and make time for everything. Also I love the outfit. The skirt looks cool paired with the hoodie.

    Ami Amour


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