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I’ve wanted to get back to my fashion blogging roots, like I mentioned in my previous post, and as I use to talk about fashion all the time, besides from sharing how I style it I’ve thought it would be a good time to give you an old school haul featuring Killstar. When I’ve first started blogging, I remember seeing brands and types of clothes that other alternative and Gothic bloggers wore. And the clothes looked amazing on them, but I was always scared to even look at the websites to get them myself. Would they fit me? Would they work with my wardrobe? Will they be at my price range? I had millions of questions, mostly for myself. But few years ago after my first Killstar purchase over on Depop, and I was hooked. I loved the designs, the quality, the messages sticked between the fabrics of the dark and mysterious items.

Bone Yard Hoodie

In the past year I have found a new found love for hoodies. When I was younger, hoodies use to be my safety blanket, they were comfy, warm, and went with everything, no matter of the different style changes my wardrobe had at that time. For some reason I got rid of them, they “weren’t for me”. Oh boy was a wrong. I tried to forget my street style, gothic inspired style roots. But they eventually came back, stronger then ever. You may already notice how a hoodie became something I wear all the time, whenever I travel, run errands or need that extra warmth. This hoodie from Killstar is a new addition to my wardrobe. Like I said, I love the quality of the Killstar clothing, but also I adore their eye for details, the thumb holes is something that also reminds me of my style from years ago. Those who grew up emo’s would remember the fingerless gloves. Another up side point to the tump holes is that your hands won’t get cold, which is usually the case with me anyway. I love a product that’s functional and stylish. And as for stylish. How awesome are the studs on the upper side of the sleeves, hood and the pockets, also the Killstar branding on the chest and the little details of name tags. Which is something I also love about this brand. It’s the little things.  Did I also mention that it comes with this studded face mask?! So cool, mainly for videos and photoshoots, for me anyway.



Black Sun T-Shirt 

Another item which I got in this recent Killstar order was a t-shirt. Some may find it boring, but I personally love Killstar t-shirts so much. I’ve chosen the men’s fit and bought few sizes too big so it would be nice and oversized, I’m also planning on styling it as a dress with leggings or some shorts. Mainly what draw me to this t-shirt was the print, I’ve always like the geometrical patterns, mixed with the occult symbolism, it’s a rather nice touch to bring the witchy vibes in rather modern way. It also reminds me off this sort of tattoo styles, whichI also love so much. On the top of the t-shirt, the print shows moth, with a upside down crescent moon, bat wings and a sun surrounded by patterns. And also a 3rd eye symbol that apparently is an illuminati sign but we won’t get into that. Having already owing few Killstar t-shirts, I knew the fit and the quality of the product is so worth the price, it fits like a glove, and it’s literally the most comfortable and softest product out there. Killstar may be pricey but the quality is totally there. Which is what I love about them!



Black Menthol Backpack

The last but not least was this bag. Ever since it came out on the Killstar website, few months ago it cought my eye. On one way it was the graphic, the fact that it resembled a cigarette packet, also it seemed quite “tumblr” and since it’s been my aesthetic, yes I cringe every single time I say this word. But can you blame me? I think not. It’s not as structured as I’ve thought, being made out of vegan leather, it won’t hold shape as much, but so far this bag looks alright. I was little bit disappointed, as I hoped it would be large enough to carry my laptop in it, but turns out that won’t be a possibility, so I either need to get yet another bag for that purpose or get a mac air… whichever is better, right? Anyway, regardless of it’s size, I am happy that I finally got my hands on this beauty. It also came with 3 straps, two made out of black vegan leather, made to be attached on the back of the bag, to be worn as a backpack of course. And the other one was a chain to be attached to the sides of the bag and formed a pretty nice “handbag”. I love me a controversial, stylish and useful item.

I hope you enjoyed the products from this latest purchase, and the short reviews of them. I haven’t done a product post like this in a great while, and I must say that I did enjoy going back to the roots of blogging a bit. I’m also really excited to show you how I’ll style these items in the coming weeks.

Let me know what item is your favourite! Also did you get anything from Killstar before and what did you buy? I would love to know!

Hope you’ll have a lovely day!

Love xxx


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