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In the past few years I’ve been feeling rather defeated when it came to blogging, or even working in fashion. And it really sucks. I remember the first few months, a year, two years, of this blog the motivation to create and post few times a week was greater then me. And back then I had a lot more going on than I do now. So the irony of it is incredible. Let’s face it. I’ve been a terrible blogger. Last month I posted, what, two blog posts? I know I say this all the time and by this point I must sound like a broken record, however I really want to post more. Heck, I have so much to post, so much that I have images from  a year ago that for some unknown reason to be never made the cut to this blog nor my social media. I remember loving blogging, creating the images, editing, writing, researching different topics I could discuss. It wasn’t about how many people will visit my blog, or how many comments I’ll get, back then social media following meant absolutely nothing to me. All I wanted was to share and create. But with the  pressure that social media has putted on bloggers and content creators it all went away. Well, the pressure we all put on ourselves. It’s strange being a blogger sometimes, in some weird way you are compering with other bloggers, sometimes brands but most importantly, at least that’s the case for me, yourself. I always strive to be better, improve, grow. Last night I’ve finally bought Final Cut Pro, and the purchase of it wasn’t cheap nor really justifiable as I don’t make any money off YouTube. Nor do I create the videos for that reason. I enjoy it and if few hundred pounds can help me achieve on screen what I have in my kind then it’s worth it. I guess.

At least it will be another point to be added to my CV and the later find out that I’m “overqualified” lol. But I’m here. At least trying. Not only trying to learn new skills and improve but also trying to publish more. Like I said previously, I’m constantly creating, whenever it’s shooting, sketching out ideas, writing, editing… you name it. But in the recently months (or should I say years) it’s been the publishing part that has been an issue. For some weird reason, the longer I blog, the more the statistics of my blog affect me and my ability to keep up with this space. They haven’t been really going down, but they also haven’t been really going up. And ever since changing my blog from Blogger to WordPress I lost the stats from the previous years and that in itself is hard to deal with. Because I’m constantly comparing my stats from then till now. And even though I feel like (or at least hope so) that the quality of my content has gone up the numbers don’t really show it. And it makes me really sad and demotivated. At the same time, weirdly enough nowadays brands and companies seems to care less about blogging statistics and care more about Instagram followers or YouTube subscribers. Which is totally understandable, we are becoming lazier and more impatient with how we consume our media. But for someone who started of as a blogger, I still love writing and sharing my content in a blog format, and I know lot’s of people do to. Blogging isn’t dead. But it is heartbreaking when you’re not doing how you wish you would. And part of it is my fault, I’m sure it all would look way better if I posted more. However the reason why I’m not is because I let those numbers define me and that just kills my motivation and drive. Yet, I’m still trying. Having to be so far away from London, my friends, everything I know really, this blog and my social media seems at times the only way me and my friends communicate nowadays. I literally have two friends that respond to text messages lol.

I still have lot’s of content from last year that I haven’t posted. So please stay tuned for that. Hopefully that will give me the kick in the butt that I need and bring that motivation to post more.


Also when I was about to finish off this blog post I got an email from Old English Prints about their competition. And as someone who loves a good enamel pin, especially if it has a message behind it, I’ve thought some of you may enjoy winning some pins as well. If you win any let me know if you did!

Roll up, roll up! To celebrate the new additions to our enamel pin range we’ve decided to run a competition, giving you the chance to win a set of the below enamel pins! 

To enter this competition, email your favourite enamel pin design from our entire range to

We’ll be picking one winner at random on the 30th May 2018.


I hope you’ll have a wonderful day! Let me know in the comments if you entered the competition with Old English Company and what are your thoughts on today’s blog topic.

Love xxx


Top – Illustrated People

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Jewellery – Rogue and Wolf

Shoes – Dr. Martens (Vegan)

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  • Kimberley May 3, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    I hope you start feeling better about blogging soon girl, I love your content!

    Kimberley //

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  • luc June 1, 2018 at 5:40 am

    Superb blog!
    Good work
    Good continuation


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