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Top: Morgana Sin*

Leggings: ASOS (similar)

Shoes: Dr Martens (Vegan)


Ever since I moved to Manchester, I didn’t have much opportunities to socialise or collaborate with other bloggers or creatives and that has been a real downer, it made me less motivated, egger to work, as it seemed, and it still seems like it at times, compering to the amount of collaborative work I’ve done couple of years ago. That now I literally do nothing, even though running a blog and a YouTube channel is lots of work, especially if you have an actual work as well. Back then I would rely on other people to shoot images for me, I didn’t really know how to work my camera, nor I had the skills or knowledge on it, and without sugarcoating it, I was definitely rather lazy. When I bought my first Canon and tripod and discovered the beauty to shooting with timer and self portrait, got to know my camera bit better and stopped shooting on automatic (although sometimes that does still happen). The rage of possibilities and amount of content I could produce was mind blowing. Finally I could shoot how I’ve wanted, when I’ve wanted and most importantly I stopped feeling guilty on constantly asking my friends for shooting my outfits for me. It would make feel like I’m asking for too much at times, I didn’t want to be “that” blogger friend. But when you end up 100% of the time taking control of your creative work, that’s all you do, and you can become a bit of a recluse because “If I can shoot my own content why would I want to work with any one else” not the greatest mindset to be in. If you do end up meeting other bloggers or people to work with, unless you live on an abandoned island it will happen. The magic of the internet is that if you’re in it, you’re bound to meet other creatives and sooner or later collaborate with them.  What I had to over-come and still do, is communicating on how and what sort of images I’ve wanted, was it head shots, full outfit, details. And ever since doing more outfit videos on my YouTube I would start filming more, and it’s so much easier and better to have someone film that for you rather then just a camera sitting on your tripod.

I definitely became better and less awkward when it comes to asking to have a photo taken, for Instagram, or this blog or have a 3 minute clip filmed of my outfit taken. But at times I still rather just sit there in silence and just do it on my own time “not to bother people”. Don’t get me wrong, people who know me, and pretty much everyone who know’s me, know’s about this online space, I take a great pride in it. Therefore of course if I were to ask for help with creating content for it, most people wouldn’t have a problem, and that is when you know you’re hanging out with the right kind of people. I came to the point of knowing which friend of mine would be happy to help me out and who wouldn’t. At the same time, most of them are also amazing at just grabbing a coffee with and catching up. With my blog being the only creative outlet that I currently have it feels like I live and breath with it (100% true) and that’s all I want to do. It’s hard for me to switch off, even at work or on the bus or any other given scenario, I may pull a perfect poker face but in my mind I’m thinking how I could improve my editing, writing, what video to edit next, what sort of message I want to give on my next post. That’s a the point, I don’t switch off.

On the day when I met up with Christina, I arrived at 8am from London and the first thing when arriving home was planning out outfits to shoot. And even then it was a rushed job.The fact that I didn’t wear any sort of jewellery or accessories in this shoot is not that it was planned, I’ve totally forgot to take any sort of rings or necklaces with me when Christina and I went out to take these photos. Part of me wanted to turn back, and grab at least few rings. I felt so naked and empty without any sort of jewellery, but then I remembered that few years ago that was my style. On my day to day, or even sometimes shooting outfits of the blog, I didn’t wear that much jewellery, it was rather minimal all about the main pieces. That is if you can call my style here minimal. And that brought be back to the time when I use to shoot, it’s not because I had to but because I’ve wanted to. Now usually I’ll shoot because I know I need content to be posted, even if my writing blog is a major thing (pun intended). I produce more content, then I actually publish, if I shoot an outfit, film, edit set of photos, or a video, let alone actually publish a blog post (yay go me!) it makes me feel accomplished and that I’ve done something with my day. It wasn’t a complete waste of time. When I say that I create some sort of content everyday I am not joking. It’s almost as in, I may not be involved in fashion as much as I use to but I’m still doing something, even if it’s just another set of skills that I can later add to my CV. My outfit’s may not be as creative, or “out there” as they use to be, but I’m trying to be more creative with my editing and how I’m delivering that content to you. And even if I am not the most constant blogger out there, I hope that at least a post a week or so is going to bring something you. If not, at least I’m doing something with my time, and not wasting it.

And that’s me done. With this post going live, as you see it, my day is pretty much done. For the next hour or so anyway haha. Ahh what is my life even?!

Do you guys have the same problem, being a blogger and that need to create content all the time.

How does it affect you? And how do you deal with it? Let me know in the comments! 

Hope you’ll have a lovely day! 

Love xxx

Photography: Christina 

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  • Saskia Bzn May 20, 2018 at 10:23 am

    I love this shoot, your hair are perfect <3 Yes I need to create content in my way, I don't like being like other fashion blogger, so I always want something special on my look, on my IG feed, I don't want to be a sheep ^^' But sometimes it"s difficult with my "real" job, not enough time to shoot –' My father loves photography so I stole his tripod and started to shoot myself, I love it because I feel more "free" to do want I want ^^

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo


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