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This post has been in works for a while. Well, let’s just say the images and the video were ready to be posted for a while, but I wasn’t. I like for my images, video, and of course text to go in-sync and make sense all together. I never wanted to just post few images with outfit credits and a sentence and that’s it. I know I use to do it back when I started writing this blog, but that was back when I was still fresh, trying to find my style, the message I’ve wanted to share with the world and most importantly myself. Now days I somewhat know what my style is about, I know my writing voice and I know what I’m trying to do with this blog. Besides from justifying my shopping problem of course.

I am in the constant state of self improvement. With each blog post. Each video, piece of writing, how I style my clothes, the make up I wear or what colour my hair is I’m trying to improve and be better day by day. This of course means that I am also always unsatisfied with my work, with the constant need to be better, but that just pushes me forward or brings me backwards. Because sometimes the pressures we put on ourselves is a lot. I’m not trying to be better then a fellow blogger or content creator I am trying to be better then myself. And even during the days when I wish I posted more, wrote text that would reach more people or be more inspirational I’m trying to remember that even for today all of it may not seem enough, in few months or years time it will be. It’s a matter of perspective.

And yes from your perspective you could be thinking like “Hey, I’ve already seen this top!” And your right, I’ve worn this Aries top from Sarah Thursday in my last post talking about how sad birthdays can be especially when you’re a little bit of a ungrateful overachiever (hi hello it’s me!) I believe that post doesn’t need recap but if it does you can find it here. But ah my gosh I love this top so much, and I definitely didn’t show enough love for it on this blog for sure, considering the fact I’ve owned it for months and this is only my second post featuring it! You’ll see more of it, I promise! But it’s one of those items of clothing that’s rather special, therefore I don’t tend to wear it everyday, and of course me being in London and doing lot’s of cool stuff. Read: meet up with friends mainly and visit my favourite parts of my favourite city. On that day particular, Klaudia and I went to Chelsea and South Kensington day dreaming about how amazing it would be to live in those of these houses, right in central where every single building is made for Instagram. It was one of those weird days when one minute it was hot and the next it was cold, so of course I couldn’t not only make my mind up on the outfit being all put together but also being able to be comfortable, and have less stuff to carry as few hours later I was on the coach back to Manchester. So I did a very old trick, just wear all of your clothes! Genius I know! Well not ALL of them. But leggings, shirt, top and a chunky sweater (It’s a size 2XL! I love me an oversized item!) is a fair amount of clothing if I say so myself! Of course as it’s me, everything was black, worked texture wise and had some sort of hardware on it because I am so “alternative”.

Anyway. I’m going to go now. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and the video! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see from me. Until then. Have a good day/night etc.

Love xxx



Skirt  & Choker – Killstar

Shoes – TUK “Nose Bleed”

“Aries” TopSarah Thursday

Harness Leggings –

Green Stone Ring – Regal Rose

Oversized Pierced Sweater & Sunglasses – Forever 21


Photography and videography by: Klaudia Woloszyk 

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