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I remember first starting this blog, almost 5 years ago, and at the time I was studying full time, interning part time, working freelance and still somehow managing to have some sort of social life, not really getting any sleep but who needs it when you are working on something that gives you a reason to wake up in the morning? I could careless about getting that much needed 6 hours of sleep that’s so highly recommended, and to be honest I still don’t sleep enough. If I’ll get 5 hours of sleep that’s a lot for me. But this time those sleepless nights are not always about working on that content, rather on catching up on it. And back then catching up on other’s blog posts was so motivating and inspiring, it still is! Whenever I feel like I get writing block (lol I accidentally wrote “blog”) I just jump unto the blogs that bring me an inspiration and fuel my share need to create and communicate.

amongst fellow bloggers

The first few months of creating this online space, there would be a group of bloggers that I always found an inspiration in or even this weird comfort, mostly because just like me, they listened to more alternative music, dressed in a certain way and appreciated the idols, the mainstream despised. And as lame as it sounds, looking at their images, reading their thoughts that were bold and bright on the laptop screen I’ve dreamed to meet up with at least one of them, or even share few words over Twitter or Instagram. Not because I idolize them, no. I’ve always seen bloggers, even the ones with enormous following as human, because they are. It was more like finding an online friend. If that makes sense. I feel like it is easier to be friends with bloggers, even if you never met in real life, as due to the nature of blogging and social media you already feel like you know and can relate to them so the actual social part, in real life especially, just comes off much more naturally and not as awkward as one would think. Kayla’s blog was one of their first one’s that I followed on Blogger, just after I opened my own blog and was looking for other bloggers to relate to, and when I’ve just read the line in the bio “I really like Marilyn Manson” I knew I had to follow her. I really liked Marilyn Manson! And at the time didn’t actually ever thing that I would meet other bloggers who where just like me. And than during London Edge suddenly I was surrounded by all of these people that helped me realise that alternative is the way, that you don’t need to me all about “aesthetics” or wear cute clothes, or enjoy what the public enjoys to create content, that alternative still exists in blogging and fashion! But of course as always, Kayla and I originally connected over Twitter! And that’s why I love social media, you can meet people even without meeting them (if that makes sense!) So of course since we finally met IRL we chatted and as lot’s of bloggers do, we met up to hang out, chat, drink lot’s of tea and coffee (spend some money) and of course shoot and outfit look or two. Because ya know, #fbloggers be like..

And I honestly had such a blast! It feel bit surreal to read someones blog for, years, and then meeting them and creating content together while of course discussing the so ever changing blogging industry! And you don’t feel awkward about wanting to take billion selfies, outfit photos from different angles or bitching about Instagram and it’s messed up algorithm for hours!  I decided, for once to wear some colour, more than that I’ve worn pink! Pink I repeat I’ve worn pink! You know me, I’m all about all black everything, but ya girl also loves a good band tee, and this Nirvana one happened to be pink. It went with my make up as well… but besides that I was pretty much in my “uniform” vegan, Dr. Martens, Vegan Killstar Biker jacket that I wish to be buried in, it’s funny how one outfit can be a complete comfort blanket at the same time, the complete opposite! Anyway, I feel like that’s enough for today. Enjoy these photos! ^_^ There’s another outfit to come!

Also I’ve wanted to do a blog post which I’ve seen other’s do and that being sharing the blogs that I always go back to, I’ve been hesitating about doing this for months as I didn’t want it come off as weird, considering the fact that I as fortunate to have either meet or hangout with some of them >.<

Please let me know what do you think? And did you meet bloggers that you followed for years? (that sounded creepier than I’ve thought I’m sorry!) Please let me know in the comments, I’d love to know ^_^

Love xx


Choker – Ebay (similar)

Name Necklace – Etsy

Silver Rings – Shop Dixi

Jeans – Forever 21 (similar)

Vegan Leather Jacket – Killstar

Nirvana T-Shirt – Primark (similar)

Black Matt Rings & Necklace – The Rogue + Wolf

Photography: Kayla Hadlington



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  • Liloo August 10, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    To be honest it’s a bit strange to see you wearing pink but I love it! This outfit is cool and you rock it 🙂 my faves of it are your rings and your jacket ^^
    It’s also interesting to read about your thoughts connected to the blogging and your experience with the alternative community. I’m glad for you that you have the opportunity of meeting with the ones that you’re following, it’s awesome!
    You’re so inspiring, thank you and keep on with what you’re doing ’cause I love it! 🙂 <3
    Hope you're doing okay, have a good day
    Lots of love xx

    Liloo_100 from Instagram

  • Jess August 10, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    Loved reading this post – it’s so great meeting bloggers and creating friendships. Sounds like you had a lovely meet up.

    Love the pictures too!

    Iamfoxxtailz | alternative style diaryI

  • gallech August 10, 2017 at 11:15 pm

    Love this! beautiful photos
    Gros bisous from Peru

  • Rachel War September 21, 2017 at 10:25 am

    I love the outfit you’re wearing, I love the light pink band tee next to the spiked collar, nice juxtaposition there.
    Also 100% get what you mean about making blogging friends, especially when they’re alternative too. Feels great to do what you love & find others doing the same thing too.


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