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If you have met me irl or are at least following me over on Twitter or Instagram you would know that positivity isn’t one of my finest qualities. The older I became the more of, what I like to call it, realistic pessimist I’ve became.

And what is a realistic pessimist you may wonder? 

My own interpretation of the term is rather simple, realistic pessimist is someone who is realistic, we see things how they are without sugarcoating anything, but the pessimist part is more, well sad. You still see things how they are, but in more darker colours. For example. Let’s see you’re taking part an internet giveaway and realise that your chances of winning are slim but you’re still trying, right? Well, you don’t win. So what’s you’re response, “Oh well, I knew I weren’t suppose to win, but I tried anyway” And trying is what counts after all, isn’t it? Well, I do belong to the millennial generation, a generation where everyone use to get a medal just for participating alone, apparently. So growing up with the mentality that even if we try hard enough we will still get that medal just for showing up to the work, or university or that internship, right? Wrong. Most of us were raised in the hopes of better tomorrow, that there isn’t really losing or winning, that all of us are trying and if we just try hard enough and not give up it will eventuality work out. I hate being that person, but if 1000 of us dream of being, let’s day fashion editor and there are only 100 positions for fashion editors in a given year not all of us are going to make the cut, are we?

And of course if we try at something countless times, whatever it may be, trying to get that dream job, perfect internship, live in certain city, get that limited hand bag… you name it, there’s always something that we want and it seems just so far away from your reach, impossible to get hold off. It may seem that all the sacrifices and efforts you’ve made may have been all for nothing. What if I tell you that it’s not. And that’s coming from someone who’s highly pessimistic, like I stated above. But the realists part of me even at those darkest days still gives me hope, because sure, I may never go full time with my blog, and this point it’s not even my goal, and sure maybe my dream job isn’t nowhere near to be found, and everything may seem like a huge mess at the moment that’s impossible to be fixed. But that’s for now. Not ever. And go ahead, when you are frustrated at your situation and whatever life may throw at you, admit it, embrace it, but don’t let it hold you back. Take a day or two away from reaching that goal but come back with a new perspective. Let’s face it, especially now in todays economical and political climate it’s even harder to pursue our living and career goals. But that doesn’t mean they are not impossible to be reached. So yeah, you may have failed at something, and yeah it sucks, but if you go with a mindset that it was somewhat expected it’s not that big of a shock so it’s easier to move on and try again. Now, just a disclaimer, I don’t want any of you to misinterpreted it that if something doesn’t go your way you’re suppose to breakdown and cry and stay like that forever. No, all I’m saying is that negativity isn’t always bad. It’s definitely something that’s stigmatised, but the expectations of society that we suppose to be always happy and positive is just so unrealistic and if you’re not like that, either naturally or just life taught you that, you may start feeling like a weirdo for it. And if you do, embrace it and make it your bitch! See I’m not always negative!

clothes as dark as my sense of humour

And with these, I hope, uplifting words I bring you another outfit that Kayla and I shot when I came to visit her few months ago! As much as I love shooting around nature and plants, there is something cool shooting in an empty parking lot, the grungy vibe, the weird thought that you’re inside of a building but not really, and of course all of that open space!!! I’ve always wanted to roller skate or skateboard in a parking lot. Can you imagine!! I personally think this kind of location is perfect for all denim x Dr. Martens combo! I had this look planned for ages before finally finding the right location to shoot it and this car park couldn’t get any more perfect! I was livin’ for it! As you may already know I do love a double denim action, this time I’ve paired an oversized denim jacket with these black and white striped jeans that I’ve bought few years ago in Sweden! They are a size too big, but I believe on of these days I will stop being lazy and get my sawing machine up and running and make them a perfect fit until then, the jeans fit the oversized kind of look. Ideal for those who like comfort yet still like to look “put together”! Mixed with lot’s of rings, like always, a choker, because the emo in me still lives, as well as of course that t-shirt that this post was inspired by! If you look closer it says “FML” on it, which is phase that I say all the time, especially in messages, because negativity is kind of in my persona.. I hope you enjoy the last set of images Kayla shot of me!! She’s so good! Will definitely try to arrange something in the future!

That’s everything from me today, have a fab day!

Love xxx

Choker – Regal Rose

Top –  Too Fast Clothing

Pins Disturbia & Killstar

Shoes – Dr. Martens, vegan

Jeans – Ginna Tricot (similar)

Denim Jacket – Primark (similar)

Red Crystal Ring – Regal Rose (similar)

Black Matt Ring The Rogue + The Wolf 

Photography: Kayla Hadlington

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    I’m very much the same when it comes to being as you call it a “realistic pessimist”, Stops you getting hurt from getting your hopes up and then when you do succeed it’s a surprise aha

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