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It’s been a minute since I’ve done a beauty related post, hasn’t it? It’s been probably for over a year. I mainly leave beauty related stuff for my YouTube mostly, because I feel like it’s easier to talk about beauty on the video rather than a blog post. However today I’ve decided to combine a blog post and film a video, which is embedded at the end of this post if you’d like to have a look. I did forget how much I enjoyed talking about beauty products over here, I do have lot’s of make up products and definitely don’t talk about them enough over here, let alone talk about being cruelty free which I have been for over a year. But I never told you why I became cruelty free etc. I will do a blog post relating that for sure. I think talking about the animal cruelty that’s happening thought beauty (and fashion) industry is really impotent. And why I don’t talk about it more often? Well, mostly because I feel deeply passionately about it, therefore these type of posts take days, and days, to prepare, and it’s not even that. I just don’t want to offend anyone or make people think that I’m trying to convince you to go CF (but if you do that’s awesome!!) Let me know if you wish me to talk more about being cruelty free. Because today it’s not about that. It’s about the Urban Decay Naked Heat!

The hottest palette of the summer?

And I don’t mean, that it’s a first “Naked” palette that is mainly warm toned, I’m saying that every single YouTuber /Blogger and their mother are talking about it(mainly the ones that are sponsored by UD, no shade!) I personally learned abut the existence of the “Naked Heat” palette thought my main source of information, Twitter, who needs news when you have information delivered and shared to you from brands and people all over the world within seconds, I love social media! The fact we can share news and share opinions on it within seconds it’s insane, in the best way possible! So of course, the second I’ve seen the palette all over social media I knew it’s going to be part of my life, even if that £39 price tag would cost me walking everywhere and living of 30p noodle packs for the rest of the month. In another words I really wanted it. So much that I stayed up till 1am (like I usually do anyway) to get my hands on it, the fear of not getting it was too high and I could not risk it! When I got it the next morning (Debenhams delivery service never fails me!) I quickly putted my foundation on and turned my camera on to film the first impressions, right there, on the camera.

Lot’s of beauty influencers were saying that the palette does not swatch the greatest. For some reason the beauty world seems to care more about how your eyeshadow is going to look on your arm instead of your eye… but as someone so does like a good swatch myself, I do need to agree that the swatches on the arm aren’t the greatest, but the performance on the eye continue the legacy of it’s “Naked” sister! Lot’s of people would complain about the Urban Decay’s “Naked” range being bit basic, comparing to it’s other ranges, and even though this palette belongs to the “Naked” family it’s far from basic! Lot’s of people like to refer to the “neutral” palettes being basic and boring, why is that a bad thing I still don’t understand, but this palette isn’t basic for sure. Full of orange and red shades, this palette is a must have for all of you who just like me, like a red eye shadow look, ideal for grungy and messy #MOTD or Halloween make up! This platte and it’s warm glory would also look stunning on all of you who have a darker complexion, where usually the “naked” shades sometimes don’t show up as much, at least that’s what I’ve seen and heard from influencers of colour. But this palette would definitely look beautiful on darker, deeper skin tones, the shimmers especially! oh men! Than again what do I know I’m just your basic white girl xD

Swatches from left to right:

Ember, Ashes, En Fuego, Cayenne, Scorched, Dirty Talk, He Devil, Lumbre, Low Blow, Sauced, Chaser, Ounce.

The palette contains 12 eyeshadows in which 8 are matt shades, personal favourites, I’m sure you can see that they do not swatch the greatest, however the 4 shimmers that are featured in this palette are much easier to show in the swatches. That’s something quite common in make up anyway. Shimmers are much more easier to be shown on the arm than matts. However don’t let the terrible, ashy swatches turn you away from this palette and it’s stunning colour range as on the eye, as you will see in the video, the pigment really shines though. If you watch my video, you’ll see (below this post).

My personal favorites from the palette are definitely Ember, Ashes, Low Blow and He Devil!

The Quality

Urban Decay eyeshadows, despite off of their amazing colour and pigment do have a bit of fall out, you can see that in the images that I took of my make up. It is annoying, but not something that will ruin your make up and kill the experience for you, for sure. I usually, when using the UD eyeshadows, like to do my eye look and foundation afterwards, it’s saves time cleaning up after. And as much as the arm swatches might be slowly turning you off the palette, I know the feeling, on the eye the pigment does show off, and blend beautifully! A little bit really does go a long way! And it lasts for longer than 8 hours, which is quite impressive, especially since wearing the make up that I created here, I didn’t even use a primer.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with this palette, it does seem bit easier to work with, than it’s previous “Naked” palettes, even though there is till bit of fall out, which is to be expected to be honest. I think the most important thing is the fact the the pigment is there, especially on the eye, the swatches on the arm may not show it, but you’re make up usually goes unto your eyes so as long as the pigment says there I’m cool with that. If you know anything about me, you’d for sure would know that I am a sucker for a good warm tone palette. The yellows, reds and burgundy shades are comply up my ally and it’s that colour selection that really made me excited for this palette to be honest! And no regrets whatsoever, even though I have 10 other warm tone make up palettes, they are all different, ok? However, what makes this palette different in my opinion, is the fact that it has a dark reds and even burned yellow shade which for some reason isn’t that popular with make up palettes, despite the fact it is absolutely stunning! This will be (it already is tbh) my go to palette! And it was worth every penny for sure!

What did you think of this palette? Is it on your wish-list are you going to pass and stick to the basics of the Naked range? Maybe you are happy with it or slightly disappointed? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments! I love reading your opinions and feedback! 

Have a lovely day! 

Love xxx

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