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Do you ever feel trapped? Like you can’t move, or walk let alone run? Like your suffocating, unable to breath, or communicate? That no matter how hard you try there are always some sort of obstacles that no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to say what you want to say or can’t say anything at all? That’s what I’ve been feeling lately, and it’s not the first time, you can read a bit about this here. If anyone would have meet me in person you would know that I live and breath blogging, content creation and creativity. Well, more like I live for it. And I create content all the time, whenever it would be for this blog or my YouTube channel.  I finally feel like I am 100% who I am and showing you what I really like, just hoping some of you may get something out of my sheer need to share.

Creativity is like electricity, it needs to bounce back from something

Ok, that sentence may not make a lot of sense but what I’m trying to say is that when it comes to creativity, it needs the energy source, and sometimes when creative people meet, their ideas and outlooks are fulling each other and it can be felt in the air. Think about it, everything creative in the world needs a source, or as like to call it bounce back, from something. That source for me was London, for so many years, until I found that it’s not that easy to create, be motivated and work at something that doesn’t give you any sort of satisfaction. So my friend and I started to go to galleries and that really helped me gain that need to create again, it really inspired me to take photos, editing and work more and harder. Then that went away, and as I still have galleries not that far from where I live, they don’t tend to change their exhibitions has often, so my motivation of going there has died down, instead I take walks in the forest and country roads, with the company of my hyper pupper. I listen to more music, watch more movies that I use to find a great deal of inspiration from. I’m going back to taking photos and editing for fun and not for content, even though most of it ends up being used for that, mostly because I like what I created so I share it. But my lack of worded creativity to self expression on this blog is simple, in my mind anyway. I don’t meet other bloggers. I don’t talk to other bloggers in person unless I am in London. And I am introvert, being alone is my time to think and recharge. But when  it comes to blogging and creating content online, I always found it so much better meeting up with other creatives in person and creating something together, and that would motivate me and inspire me even more. And the drive that I lost so long ago would not look as dead at it is usually. But, especially now since I need to look after the pupper for 3 weeks as my family is on holiday. It feels like all of the creative energy bounces back from one creative mind to another. And it’s great!

Last month, when I was wearing this outfit actually, when I was in London I met up with one of my close friends, even thought we have met few months ago, it feels like we’ve known each other for ages. Emily, being a blogger as well, totally knows the “Instagram angle”, how to film the video that I have in my mind and that it’s totally normal to take 50 images of the same ring just to make sure you have the right one. She is a perfectionist and a creative soul. Just like I, so not wonder we’ve worked so well together, and just look at the images she took of me! Making me look decent for once! But from our conversations about blogging, creating, brands, and fashion and arts and just like every other conversation I had with other creatives or bloggers it just inspired me more and more, to create. After these images were shot I just wanted to publish them but I had a Coheed and Cambria gig to get to. Which by the way as amazing! I filmed a short clip which can be found here. Btw anyone else wears t-shirts with different bands on to concerts that aren’t theirs? But once I returned up North, it seemed all of that went away. And while writing this blog post, I released the lack of the motivation isn’t only coming from being away from a city that gives me life,but also from people that enhance it! I need to be here for 3 weeks with no way to go to London and seeing anyone, and that makes me pretty damn sad. Maybe I will blog to distract myself from that.

Do you have a city that brings out your creativity? Do your friends that are bloggers or creatives help you be the blogger you want to be and fuel that drive? Please let me know! It would be awkward for me to be alone in this haha. 

Love xxx


Shoes –  Vegan Dr. Martens

“Sad Goth” Socks – Killstar

Top – Marilyn Manson x Killstar

Cross Necklace & Rings – Shop Dixi

Black Matt Ring – The Rogue + The Wolf

Fake Black Rose Plugs – Sleepy Seagull (Etsy Shop)

“Zion” Velvet Choker & Nadia Green Ring – Regal Rose

Amethyst Pendant – Crystal Hedge in Manchester (similar)

Photography: Emilina 

Video version of this outfit! 



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    To tell the truth… I never positioned myself on the get go!
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