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It’s currently 31 degrees in a very sunny, hot and sweaty London, it’s a perfect weather to chill at the park, go for a cold beer with your friends or organise a family BBQ, but what am I doing instead? DRINKING A HOT DRINK FOR A SAKE OF INSTAGRAM PICTURES (AND A BLOG POST) GODDAMN IT! I’m sorry, I know I need to cool down, trust me, after I’m done drinking, something that feels like hot lava I am ordering a cold wine or cocktail because I simply can’t deal! But I’m sure we have all heard about all so ever coveted black latte, black latte… That’s a thing right now apparently, and we all know that I am a massive fan of #allblackeverything of course I had to try it myself and see for myself if it’s going to make my soul or sense of humour for that matter darker than it already is. Well, it was close but not quite, this


Where to find it: 

Damson and Co

21 Brewer St, Soho, London W1F 0RL

open from 9am-11pm

It can also be found in other hipster places in London, however Damson & Co was the closest to where I was and you cannot go wrong with Soho,right?

Is it vegan?: 

It certainly can be! At first I was worried that soya milk  won’t have the same effect as diary on the charcoal  that is used to create the black latte however when I asked the barista whenever it can be done with a soya milk instead, he kindly said it wouldn’t be a problem. Therefore, yes, it can be vegan! I’m pretty sure that it can also be done with coconut milk or almond milk if soya isn’t exactly you’re cup of… milk?


Ok, that’s where I was bit shocked, I didn’t look at the menu when ordering it, as that’s how desperate I was to try it, bit pathetic I know. This trendy dark beauty is going to cost you £4.84. Which is actually more than an average latte in any of the hipster cafes in Shoreditch or London in general. In a way I get it, if something is different or on trend and talked about the press for a bit it will attract the costumer, I am the prime example for that, but like everything that is trendy, the price point is going to increase slightly due as it is talked about a lot, and most likely in high demand. Besides, it’s London, need I say more?

Official Verdict:

It’s not bad, really,my hopes where much lower then it turned out, and no I’m not saying this just because I actually want this to taste good. It was drinkable, well despite the fact that it was freaking boiling on the day. But taste wise, it wasn’t all that bad, there was a taste of charcoal in the latte, however it was not as overwhelming my tastebuds that I couldn’t drink it. In fact it was rather nice, I would check your lipstick if you’re wearing a nude colour after drinking it, the black colour can transfer to your lips, unless it’s your thing. Luckily, I myself wore black lipstick on the day, because you know, I’m me and wanted to rep the goth life… haha kidding! But in all seriousness, it’s one of those drinks that will bring attention, especially if you are like me and like all the unusual stuff, rainbow bagels, black lattes, the hipster heaven! And for the price of such a small drink, it was not mind blowing, sure it was good, and from time to time when out with friends and whatnot I would stop by again and order it, but would I make this a regular, everyday type of thing? Certainly not, unless I would have lot’s of money to spend on caffeine.

Did you try black latte? What’s your opinion of it? Do you think it’s worth the hype or not really? Let me know in the comments below! Love xxx


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  • Alina July 6, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    I drink charcoal water on the regular so that’s not new but hmm never thought of adding it to coffee… I think it’s just used to make it black-er and uppeal to people like us XD Taste wise it is pointless!


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