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You really really see me in colour, when it comes to fashion anyways. All black is usually my safety blanked, and I always know what will work, what won’t and most importunely I feel fully comfortable in it. It’s also great for these days when you don’t feel like thinking about what to wear. Everything seems to be working perfectly fine, therefore not much thought is needed when getting ready in the morning. No wonder most work uniforms incorporate black for their everyday look. Besides, it’s also a neutral “colour” so the necessarily attention won’t be there. Ok fine, from time to time there might be people who will shout at you something along the lines of “it’s not Halloween yet!” or “did someone die, why are you wearing all black” and the list goes on and on. At this point these comments are more of an amusement than anything else! Maybe because I have a dark sense of humour (hehehe ok I’ll stop!)

the beauty of pre-shooting months ahead 

The most beautiful thing about this is the fact that I tend to completely forget that I even had these photos in the first place! In the past few years I noticed that I either don’t shoot enough and barely have anything to post or I pre-shoot looks, months and months ahead, making sure I have a content to be posted few times per week and then I get so over-wheeled with the editing, writing, promoting… that I just don’t touch the photos until I am happy and comfortable to finally let them see the light of day. In this case I think I shoot this outfit at the end of February… no wonder the black scarf from Killstar made an appearance, it was pretty cold, completely opposite to what it is now, right now thankfully we don’t have the unbarring head happing in the UK but it’s not really cold either, and it’s gloomy, that’s the kind of weather I like personally. Do you mind me jumping from topic to topic annoying at all? I can stop, ok I can try. But for some reason I haven’t written in here for so long it feels, my brain is going to all sort of places trying to making this blog post seem meaningful where really I just wanted to share this outfit. It did feel rather nostalgic for me as when I was about 17/18, I actually was writing this blog here already, and was trying to find myself in my style, and fashion industry (I ended up loosing myself but we’re already talked about that) and this outfit feels like I have gone to a time machine and came back being my 18 year old self, really trying the “chic” fashion. It really feels so long ago, and now I would never go back to my old ways of dressing only in the elegant way, I need a bit of an edge.

I hope I managed to do it here. Luckily, black, white and red are the colours that are known to be showcased in many different style of alternative clothing, and also in the elegant fashion as well, it’s timeless really. Right now I feel like I am really going back to my roots of styling my clothes, but I have not forgotten my love for the elegant fashion, and if any of these type of outfits will be happening, they will definitely this time be 100% me!

What are your thoughts on this guys? Do you love alternative fashion but also have the admiration for the elegance of the high end brands or styles as well? Do you wear both or do you prefer to choose? Please let me know I love reading your comments ^_^

Love xxx

Scarf – Killstar (similar)

Studded CuffBullet 69

ChokerRegal Rose (similar)

Top – Brandy Melville (similar)

Jacket – Kristi Designs* (similar)

Leather Trousers – H&M (similar)

Black Matt Ring & Upside Down MoonThe Rogue + Wolf



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  • Liloo June 26, 2017 at 9:50 am

    Well my number one is definetely alternative clothing and my color is definetely black, but yeah, sometimes i feel that i could be a bit more elegant and feminine and then i change little things in my outfit, like i wear other colors than black or i don’t wear my usual accessories, i try to go with something different. But i feel much more comfortable in my usual clothes.
    I love this shoot, you look brilliant!
    Love xx
    Liloo_100 from instagram

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