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This a post that I’ve wanted to write for a while now, so much that I’ve woken up at 5am in order to write it and have time to write it and hit that publish button, because gosh this day is going to be hectic, just like everyday when I visit London, because I am so goddamn popular (!) I’m glad I’m not, I like my chill time, yesterday I was walking around London and went to Tate, edited, it’s been really chill and nice! Kind of reminded me of these chilled days of when I lived back in this wild city, and on the day’s off had no plans so I just walked, went to galleries and did some blogging work. And I loved it, it also have me time to think about what I’ve wanted to say and how I’ve wanted to say it. Mainly for today’s blog post. And it’s all about…

How to achieve your wardrobe goals

This post, these points and overall message is simple like a basic white t-shirt. Just don’t give a fu*k.

ok, fine and 4 more points and more if you any of you thinks of something different, leave me a comment!

1. Surround yourself with like minded people

You know that saying that goes something like “You are the reflection of the people you surround yourself with” yeah that also applies to your style or aesthetic as I like to call it nowadays, mostly so my friends could have another reason to make fun of me because I care that much! Back when I use to be hardcore into the “fashion” side of fashion (do I even make sense?) I tried so hard to look like a high fashion person, and behave like one as well, where in fact that’s not entirely my personality and who I am and what I’m about, not that much anyway. What I’m trying to say is that the more I hanged with people who were total opposite of what I am, I started to become them, and the moment I realised that I started to become that “fashionista” around the time I moved to Manchester, I really didn’t like it, it felt unnatural, forced and just really, freaking sad. And ever since I’ve moved away from the side of fashion that felt forced and started to surround myself with people who were more like me, liked the stuff that I liked and I felt like I could finally say everything and anything and it all felt like a one big awesome community I just felt better, about myself, my style and this blog! It become something that I want to show off to the world and hear the voices of people who don’t get it rather than the loud applauses of people who get it, but for the wrong reason,and that is not being me.

2. You like it? Buy it, wear it

I always had the “core” or rather the “backbone”  to my style, ever since I’ve discovered of what I am about style wise, at age of 10-11, I always liked black clothing, mesh, leather, and then later on it progressed to fishnets, heels and harnesses, chokers and belts. Growing up being more tomboyish and later developing more feminine side to my style, right now what I’m about is mixing those two, wearing the basics, with bunch of accessories and heavy make up. I do feel like that when it comes to my fashion related soundings they are much more natural and I am much more excited about the pieces that I am ordering online, the pieces I am picking up online and generally choosing my outfits to wear day to day basis. It’s no longer the struggle of whenever the pieces I am choosing is in style or on top off current trends. I no longer spend hours on deciding whenever to get a certain shoe or a top and whenever it fits the “fashionable” side of things, and few years ago I would care about looking like every single typical fashion blogger. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting and looking like everyone else, and if you do and like that, embrace it and rock it! When going out and buying clothes, don’t buy them worrying whenever they fit the style you have or try to portray to the world. Buy it, because you love it and it makes you happy.

3. Stay true to yourself

This point ties in with the one that I made previously, all of them tie in with each other really, but it’s rather simple. Stay true to yourself, your values, what you like…etc. I have always been saying that fashion and style is so personal and different to every person, sure mainstream trends exists, and for a reason as well, but instead of blending in these trends, create your own, try new things, things that are you and what you like. At the end of the day what you wear is, most of the time what you buy, by your own choice and most likely, your own hard earned cash as well, so why spend it on things that won’t bring you joy. There’s no point! I know that it’s hard, we can’t always wear whatever we want and be ourselves, I know that all too well! For years I tried to blend it, instead of stand out, hind my fashion style instead of embracing it and let it shine though. When it came to fashion, and my time in working in fashion and desperately, trying to fit into that world, I went with a mindset that’s so well known now “dress for the job you want and not that you have” Therefore I become a “fashionista” as you call it. And looking back, as much as I liked the stuff I wore, they weren’t as organic to my “style core” as I’ve always wished to have. Now instead of hiding my style, I embrace it and show it off, because why wouldn’t you?! And thanks to that I hopefully am showing you that it’s ok to wear whatever you wish! And many lovely comments regarding my clothes, accessories, and overall asthetic are so nice and lovely and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world!

4. Be unapologetic

The last and final point! When embracing your style and really bring your clothes to life I always thought that the most important thing was to wearing them with confidence and not being apologetic about your fashion choices. And sometimes it can be hard, especially since your style isn’t mainstream and you love the alternative side of fashion more than anything, because it is fashion that stands out but still isn’t as accepted as the mainstream one, for some reason, some peeople out in the public still can give you that judgement when it comes to what you’re wearing. Like this outfit here! People would stare at me up and down, and I could feel the judgment and glare on my spine, but I stud tall and mind my own business, people will stare, let them! And don’t ever apologise about who you are, your style or your opinions, unless you’re an asshole…

Friends…more so blogger friends!

Emily, Em, E… a girl that I met online, also thought a mutual friend, who I also met online, an a friend from a minute I’ve met her just a month ago! And the minute we met we instantly became friends, it’s so easy to be friends with someone who you already sort of know, you know from online at least, I love how easy access it makes to meet people and create new friendships! Internet is great people! And especially being friends with someone who’s also a blogger makes it so much easier, we literally spent like 2 hours shooting outfits, being goofy in front of a camera, posing like our lives depend on it. I’m sure to general pubic we looked weird as hell. Well, it’s better to be weird and be yourself rather then be normal and fake. The most important thing is to find the people you can be weird with, friends who just get you! And Em definitely get’s my weird self, both online and offline.

This t-shirt is an icon itself

How surprised would you be if I told you that currently, this t-shirt, that you’re seeing right here, is currently, sold out? Sad, disappointed? ( IT’S CURRENTLY BACK IN STOCK LINK BELOW) I know! I feel you, I feel your pain, even though as I’m currently typing these words this t-shirt is laying comfortably on my body, but deep down I really wish I could bought the entire stock myself! That’s how much I love this t-shirt. It’s black, it’s controversial, sends a message and every single time when I wear it, I see the reaction this t-shirt get’s from the general public, and it’s quite refreshing for people to be staring at my really small chest and concentrating on the text rather than on the boobs, or the lack of them. lol.

Tights – Primark

Choker – (similar)

Silver Ring – Shop Dixi (similar)

*Lipstick“Vampira” by Kat von D

Shoes – YRU (bought on Depop) (similar)

Leather Jacket (vegan leather) – Killstar

Black Matt RingThe Rogue and  the Wolf 

Shorts – Monki bought at flea market (similar)

Top & Belt (vegan leather)Disturbia (lsd top)

Amethyst Pendant – Crystal Hedge in Manchester (similar)

Photography: Emilina 

Let’s be friends ^_^

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*disclaimer: The items marked with * are items kindly gifted to me by brands and/or PR company, I am not obligated to talk about them nor being paid. All opinions are my own. 


  • Liloo June 16, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    Oh my god, i love this outfit so much! It looks awesome and it is so you
    And a big thank you for this post, it really made me think over my real style, you’re so inspiring and cool!
    Liloo_100 from instagram

  • Liloo June 16, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    (Sorry i just realized that my phone’s emojis don’t show up in my comment, though you got purple hearts from me ><' <33)

  • Caetera Moda June 17, 2017 at 8:06 pm

    Absolutely love that outfit, especially the shoes !


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