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If you have been following this blog for a while you would know my love for layering, sheer outfit pieces and of course black clothing. I am of course no stranger to platforms and recently, to add to my fashion obsession, love for harnesses. In the fashion sense of course. I always found the most, “basic” pieces of clothing the easiest to work with, no matter of the occasion. And there’s a good reason for that. They work for everything, anytime and as I like to think, anyone. A good old school black pair of jeans is going to fit any style, age, figure or height, just make sure to wear the right size and fit for you of course.

giving basic pieces more alternative feel

If you’ve been with me for a while or been following me on Instagram you may notice the shifts and turns in my style for couple of years. And I am so sorry (no, not really) that I’m always talking about, but I do feel like it needs to be talked about. I mean if you are a blogger or not we all have our own sense of style and what we like to wear. Than again as much as we all would love to we can’t always wear the exact clothes we wish every single day, especially if we are studying or working, or both. That’s why I like to have in my wardrobe pieces that are quite “basic” and easy to wear, along side some badass accessories that goes with my all black shoe collection. But that’s a cool thing about just a “basic” black top or black jeans, they literally fit every occasion, age and style. This time I went for my sheer long sleeve top along side sheer t-shirt, which to my pleasant surprise didn’t show off my bra to the entire world, not that I’m against it, but there are days when we don’t want our bra’s out in the open, do we. So if you like me, and love sheer clothing but once in a while just want to cover bit more, layer it all together! And if it will get hot you can always take the long layer off and rock the only short sheer top! To add bit more interest to this outfit I’ve decided to wear this vegan collar harness and it all went perfectly. Sure I got some stares but I’ve lost all the fu*ks for that to bother me. I liked what I’ve worn and it all it mattered!

And this outfit fitted quite well to the situation of the day. Around two weeks ago I’ve spent few days in London, quite spontaneously, as I don’t work as many hours as I did I had some time to kill what’s a better place to kill it in, than London itself! I think I already said that if the opportunity comes to get back into my favourite city in the world there’s not chance for me to pass it. So I packed my suitcase full of black clothes and took 5h coach to London! Whenever I pack for a short trip to another city or country I like to keep it simple and always pack my “basics” as well as statement pieces, like leather jacket, platform shoes or in this case harnesses, I didn’t check the weather earlier, because why I should I (!) Nevertheless the whole point is, I like to come prepared. And I personally think that nothing is better for this situation than layers! Especially in this weather, don’t get me wrong I quite like spring but the unpredicted weather, going from rain to sunshine from cold to summer hotness just makes picking out and styling outfits that much harder! But turned out layering as always never failed me!

And how do you end up styling your black clothes for the weather that’s just too unpredictable? Let me know! ^_^

Love xxx


Shoes– YRU (similar)

Black Jeans – Bershka

Choker – Forever 21 (similar)

Long Sleeve Sheer Top – Bershka (similar)

Rings – Shop Dixi (all apart from the double ring)

Short Sleeve Sheer TopBoohoo.com* (similar)

Collar Harness (Vegan) – Attitude Clothing (similar)

Photography: Josh Milton 

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