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For some odd reason, I really felt like blogging today, for no reason, well sharing these images for one which totally work for the #ThrowbackThursday post but maybe the fact that I’ve been catching up on reading blogs this morning and that I’ve been talking to other bloggers about blogging and creating content, and as all these conversations may sound like a broken record when overheard that aren’t involved in the online world too much, for myself at least it’s kind of inspiring, it’s like all the talk and the exchange of the idea’s really bounces of our minds and we all get more driven and inspired to create more and better, or it could be just me. Who knows! It’s definitely something that I needed, as recently I’ve been questioning all of my life decisions and whenever going into creative field was a right decision for me. I’m having a really hard time right now, career wise, well in general to be honest. I’m sorry if this seems like a too much information but I believe it’s important to be honest and transparent. So right now I’m really questioning blogging and all the creative industry but I’m just not ready to give it up yet!

Throwback Thursday?

Well, I may not have lot’s of those type of posts happening over here, mostly because I don’t have many outfit shoots that are unpublished, well that old anyway. I think I was around 15/16 when these photos were taken, I definitely wasn’t blogging back then that’s for sure, otherwise you would have seen these photo’s long time ago! But I found these images, unedited and dusted on my PC and what’s a better way to use them than publish them over here for the entire world to see what I try hard I was. Like, honestly, what was I thinking, these images were taken literally right outside the old house I lived in, in London, what was I thinking, that I’m Kate Moss? Even back then styling (?) modelling (haha, yeah right!) and creative direction (calm down) were things that I was strongly passionate about, and still am, maybe not as much but still. It’s just funny to me seeing these photo’s and looking back at my dreams and passions and realising how things have changed, than again it hasn’t, though blogging I still sort of do styling, creative direction and well, I wear all the clothes so modelling, but I don’t consider myself a model at all, at least at the moment. My friend Klaudia took these photo’s and I can assure you that when we see each other, guess who’s going to be taking a piss out of them, me! or her, either way, I mean look at them! This outfit is still very much me, or make up and hair, I still have the same hair colour after all. I do have a similar outfit shoot in works with a very similar outfit, just not as try hard. Gosh, these poses, that lipsick, those heels… I mean I look great but I was still pretty much a child. No wonder my mother made fun of me! And now you can too!

Tell me, do you have these type of embarrassing photo’s on your hard-drives? Before you blogged did you use to do photo shoots with your friends just for fun? If yes, no wonder that we’re bloggers now haha! Let me know! Love xxx 

Sweater – TK Maxx

Lipstick – MUA in “Coral Flush”

Bracelets & Tights & Shoes – Primark

Photography by: Klaudia 

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