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As you may already know, little over a month ago, yes that’s how long I’ve been holding on to these images without sharing them with you, apart from my Instagram, I went to visit my amazing friend Kimi, you can read all about my time spent with her in Leipzig here. You may already know that Kimi is also a blogger so of course while I stayed over at her’s at some point we had to shoot outfits for our blogs, that’s what blogger’s do, right? But that’s the awesome part in having friends who also are bloggers, or creatives just like you. Sometimes when I ask my friends who aren’t bloggers or even my family to shoot an outfit I’m wearing I feel like I’m annoying them in someway, even if they know and support my blog. However when I was shooting with Kimi it just self natural, just two bloggers shooting their outfits because we all know and understand the need to document our fashion and personal take on it. And not only we understand it, we support each other and want to see each of our blogs grow, just like ourselves. I think we all know how competitive fashion industry can be, how many people just want to see others not rise but fail, and I do see it in blogging sometimes. However the level of support is definitely higher! When Kimi and I were talking about similar subject we were joking how amazing it would be if we would live together alongside our few other blogger friends. I mean can you just imagine?! I feel like the love for creating, sharing and communication would just thrive from the walls!

all black for spring. shocker

Before I go off, I would just like to apologise for the amount of images this post includes. You don’t even want to see the amount of images that remain unpublished! I’ve chose *few* of my favourite ones to share with you. On the day, before we went to the town to explore and take those images, we sat down to do our make up, and I went for my usual cat-eye, red smokey eye look, but this time with a twist, I’ve wanted to play around bit more so added touch of yellow to the corners of my eyes, and can we please talk about “fire”! As much as I like to stick to one thing, trying this out made really love it, I’ll definitely wear something similar in future! And even if my make up would be all rainbow and fire and sunshine, let’s be real here, my outfits will remain as dark as my sense of humour! I picked out this black sheer dress from Primark just before I left for Germany, Kimi told me the weather should be nice for the time that I was staying at,and was she right! The weather was so lovely and warm, it didn’t feel like beginning of spring but more of summer! I must stay this dress totally reminded me of the sheer black doll like dress from Ragged Priest (tagged below) which is one of the brands that I lust over but the price point is bit too much for me, at this point anyway. By the way did you know that Ragged Priest opened up a store in London!! It’s so tiny and cute! As during the day we walked so much, and I only bought only one pair of shoes with me, of course I’ve worn by beloved Vegan Dr. Martens, aka best shoes ever! If you’re going to get Doc’s I highly recommend the vegan version, it’s so much better! And since I am *such* a hipster and follow trends like no ones business (not really)  of course choker was a must have, I’ve figured that spikes, with a dress and boots looked pretty badass if I say so myself. At the same time, I love things that are pretty, of crystal jewellery fitted perfectly, actually Kimi and I, worn the same  ring from Regal Rose, mostly for an Instagram photo. We’re ring sisters!

Don’t forget to check out the photos that I took of Kimi , I’m pretty proud and amazed how they’ve turned out!

Do you have friends who you do blogger things with and it just drives you to create more and better? Do you support each other to do better? Did you make friends with other bloggers? Please let me know! I love reading you’re responses!

Love xxx

Ps. Please check out the video Kimi filmed of me of this outfit, I must admit that I had too much fun editing it!

Choker – Ebay (similar)

Shoes – Dr. Martens (Vegan)

Green Crystal Ring – Regal Rose

Black Matt Rings – The Rogue + Wolf

Dress & Tights – Primark (similar dress)

Amethyst Ring –  Serenity Project on Etsy (similar)

Amethyst Necklace -Crystal Hedge (Manchester) (similar)

Photography by: Kimi Peri


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  • Paris May 9, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    Jewellery and nails are on point!

  • milex May 12, 2017 at 5:59 pm

  • Olivia Emily May 15, 2017 at 9:54 am

    Ah you guys make the best team- the pictures you got together are beautiful!!
    And this outfit is super gorgeous, as always- I’m in love with all the accessories too *.*



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