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I always find internet and social media fascinating. Think about it, you share so much of your life, personality, thoughts for so many people to read and to see, in some ways we are an open book for people that we’ve never met in real life. And of course that can come with two things, you meet people who don’t understand you or you can meet people who can read you like an open book. In this case this was the second matter. But let’s start with the beginning. It all started with me being a complete creep and messaging Kimi on Instagram few months ago, while I was in Germany. I’ve discovered Kimi’s amazing style from Tumblr or Instagram I can’t remember, but of course, I had to click that follow button. And the more I was reading her blog or insightful Instagram descriptions under her photos, I felt like I was getting to know her more and more. So of course knowing that Germany was her home country, while I was spending couple of days here (which reminds me I still need to publish images from there oops!) I’ve swallowed my worry and messaged Kimi whenever she’d like to meet up at some point. She was unfortunately busy on these days but we exchanged numbers and once I was back in the UK we kept in touch. She was also the person that made me aware that I was able to get into London Edge  and that was also the place that we met in real life! Let’s just say it was amazing and absolutely surreal.

distance is nothing when it comes to true friendship

After we finally met, I just knew that even though we have met few months before, we would be friends for a long time. It was amazing to have met someone who’s as passionate, open minded and creative just like me. Maybe more, you guys really need to check out her blog, her style is an absolutely killer! She definitely has shown me that it’s totally ok to be yourself, no matter who you are and how you express yourself and how the world portrays you. When we met we talked for hours, and I listened to her talking about her outlook on fashion, blogging, veganism and everything between was truly inspirational. She’s not only inspiring when it comes to fashion but also as a human being! I felt like I was growing and learning during those few days, she made me realize that my journey with blogging isn’t as wrong as I tend to think, that being different is a gift and not a curse. She taught me the magic of the technical side of creating like, camera equipment and once I’ll safe enough money I plan on getting Photoshop and give you the images that are in my head unto this blog, and that’s thanks to Kimi, as she made me realise that sure somethings may be scary but if we don’t do anything about them we are stuck, and I just want to move forward.

leipzig  – vegan himmel

When I arrived to Leipzig, after my 5h coach ride from Hamburg where I landed from Manchester (I was stupid when I was booking flights,next time I’m flying from London) I’ve finally met Kimi who was kind enough to pick me up from the coach station, and it felt like we just seen each other! The next day after breakfast we showed me around Leipzig, starting with a crystal shop where of course I got some crystals, to add to my collection, I’m thinking of doing a crystal themed blog post and what they mean to me, but that’s to come. After that we went to get some vegan ice cream, as the weather was lovely and warm, it was a nice change, since Manchester or England in general tends to be rather gloomy. But first off, can we talk about those vegan ice cream? I’m not talking the typical, fruity kind, which is nice and refreshing don’t get me wrong but I was welcomed to a dark chocolate vegan version! And it’s better than a normal chocolate! It was dark, bittersweet and so yummy! Then later we checked shops in the likes of Primark, Monki and many others. Of course in the meantime Kimi showed me a bit around Leipzig, and let tell you, everytime I’m in Germany or European city I feel like I’m back home, in Poland where I’m originally from. It’s the architecture, the feel of the city and it all just seems so connected which makes me feel so at home, despite the language difference of course! Of course being fashion bloggers we had to shoot! Which in itself was so much fun! The outfit post is coming!  Working with someone who inspires you is even more inspiring, if I even make any sense! After the shoot we head to a vegan pizza place called Grassimuseum and it had the best, biggest and let me tell you cheapest vegan pizza you could imagine I think we each paid €4. Kimi got ham and pineapple, and ham on that pizza tasted like an actual ham I’ve thought I was being trolled! I of course got basil and tomato as I’m basic, but it was sooo good! I was laughing that I would move to Leipzig for that pizza! I also got to try a typical Leipzig drink, called Club-Mate, it came in different flavours, from cola to ice tea and of course original flavour which I went for and Kimi got the cola flavour. The orginal Club-Mate has weird smokey, ashy taste to it, like a campfire or cigarettes at first I was bit shocked as I never tasted a drink like it, but the more I drank it, the more I enjoyed it! If you can get your hands on it, I definitely recommend it! I’ll try to find it in UK for sure! After that dinner, we went home.

nothing is more emotionally confusing than seeing your favourite band

The next day, Kimi took me to a flea market in Leipzig, where I got myself a pair of Monki jeans for €7 and Kimi found an amazing black chiffon kimono for only €2! I can’t wait to see how she styles it! After seeing everything from makeup, to clothes, plants and furniture, which let me tell you I’m glad I had only one suitcase with me other wise I would do serious damage and I feel like me and my bank account can’t afford that right now. Later we head to grab something to eat, and Kimi too me to yet another vegan place called Vvasabi. Being vegan and living in Leipzig must be heaven on earth! Even the supermarkets have vegan sections filled with vegan goodies not costing rediculous amounts! I was jealous af! We both got the vegan sushi, all in different flavours, from chicken tikka, to green wasabi, to beetroot and few others that I can’t remember the names of, regardless they all were yummy and once again I’ve thought I was being pranked as each different sushi roll tasted like an actual meat/fish. It just shows that when it comes to food it’s not really the food, it’s the flavour, let’s all become vegan! Anyways… after that we also got some raspberry smoothie, which was refreshing and perfect for the warm weather and the sweet sushi that we also got, we each got the crunchy chocolate and raspberry flavours. Once again we agreed on the raspberry being the winner, the chocolate was awesome too though!

After we went to my spontaneous but very carefully planned tattoo appointment with The Black and the Pony! I got a tattoo that I wanted to get for around 8 years, on the day of the Tokio Hotel concert, in the town where the lead singer and guitarist Bill and Tom Kaulitz (total bae’s) come from! So you can imagine my excitement! It just meant to be! Plus I had Kimi by my side who’s already quite tattooed, made me calm and not freaking out. The tattoo appointment took around 15 minutes, it was so quick and painless and I just wanted to cry when I’ve seen that tattoo on my body. I will do a blog post about the meaning and everything so don’t worry. Kimi also wanted to get her other hand tattooed but unfortunately her tattoos wasn’t available on the day. I’m sure she’ll post the image of it soon, I’ll link it for you! It’s so amazing and totally suits her! ^_^ After the tattoo appointment I changed into my I-try-to-look-like-Bill-Kaulitz-from-2009-outfit and head to the concert, where on the tram one older gentleman stopped me, seeing that I was wearing Tokio Hotel t-shirt I think said something along the lines that whenever I’m going to the concert, I wasn’t sure as my German is rather rusty but I just showed my ticket and nodded and I just found it so cute that someone from an older generation recognised Tokio Hotel! While I was walking on the streets of Leipzig trying to get into the venue, I spotted couple of peeople, who wore all black and one of them was wearing a My Chemical Romance tee so I knew there were cool, and asked them for directions just to make sure. And they were so kind and sweet and took the to the venue, and one of the girls asked if I was there to see Tokio Hotel and said she was a fan, we fangirled a bit, exchanged Instagrams and later I had to run to the packed venue! And I’ve seen Tokio Hotel 3 times at that point, but never on that scale! It was such an amazing experience, I was seeing Tokio Hotel in their home town, a day before my birthday! It was perfect! Seeing them is always such a confusing experience for me emotionally, I smile, laugh, dance, cry, my emotions are all over the place. You realise that your favourite brand, and the people that you owe your identity and outlook on life, are there moving and breathing! I had the best time! I almost lost my voice. After the concert I got the tram back to Kimi’s (got semi lost in the process but that’s my life so of course it had to happen!) The next day, it was my birthday, and the day from me to return to Manchester. I didn’t want to leave. But at least I got to spend the majority of my birthday, watching horror movies, Tokyo Ghoul, which is such a cute and creepy anime, you have to watch it! I’m grateful that Kimi introduced me to it! Unfortunately there was a time for me to return to UK. Like I said, I didn’t want to leave. I felt like I was leaving a friend, that I knew for ages, even though we just met. It’s incredible how quickly you get to know people and come close with them. I’m already waiting for the next opportunity to see Kimi, as I miss her already! I’m sure we’ll see each other soon, world isn’t that big as it seems and thanks to internet it makes it smaller and brings people together!

I’m so sorry that this post is so long! I just wanted to give you as much of my experience as I could, I still feel like I’ve missed some stuff but ah well! I also vlogged a bit, the video is at the end of this post if you fancy watching it. Kimi also made a blogpost about my visit, what a doll ;’), make sure to read itI’m sorry that this post is up late, I’ll speak to all of you soon! Love xxx


And here’s a short vlog from my Leipzig adventures, I’m sorry I haven’t vlogged as much but just wanted enjoy every moment without worrying about camera angles and such. Let’s face it, I’m not a vlogger. I hope you will enjoy it regardless ^_^


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