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It really does seem like I haven’t blogged for ages, where in fact it hasn’t been that long, my YouTube channel on the other hand is a whole another story, but the content over there is coming so bare with me. I’m constantly struggling with getting space on my Mac, as the folder “other” full for some reason which leaves me with little to no space. Basically, #FirstWorldProblems, I know how do I live!? But for real, the technical side of blogging and doing social media stuff on top of filming videos and whatnot, is quite a big side of it, you would have thought, right? But like I said before the technical side, like editing and Photoshop, sort of scares me a bit, as I’m not the most tech savvy person out there, but I try, bit by bit, but try. And that same thing goes for fashion, when I was younger, as much as I loved all black outfits, loud textures, heels higher than my standards in fashion, but there was always a part of me that was scared of it. You know to be as bold and unapologetic about what I wear and like as I am now. There definitely comes a time when you just don’t care. And that’s the best time in my opinion.

sharing is caring, right?!

I’d like to say that it is, but this outfit, and my upcoming outfits, or my wardrobe in general is very, very, very much me. Mostly black of course. Because, well, hi it’s me! It makes sense why I use be called an emo. Then again there was a time when I desperately wanted to fit in into the fashion scene and it did make me loose my style and sense of identity in it and sort of drown in the fashion crowd. And I’ve been doing some reflecting and looking back into my old posts, I know very vain activity, but that’s why I am so glad to have this space online, it honestly stores so much of my style and personal development and in many, many, ways it makes me cringe! It’s really sad to look at it, from my perspective at least. And as I’ve never been fake, there definitely lots of aspects of my personality, style, interests that aren’t as bold as they are now, for example my obsession with Tokio Hotel or love for horror. I always felt weird liking those things when most “fashion” people didn’t, talk about wanting to be part of a group. But that made me the same as any other blogger, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If that’s who you are, by all means go for it! However, that was not me, now I let my interests and love for dark fashion shine though! It could also be because I have friends with the same interests as I do, so of course it makes it easier. But there’s always internet right? My connect in real life when you can connect online? As I like to say, I love socializing, just not in person! But I’m more than happy to share my “weird” interests and passions online.

back to basics, kinda…

And as back to basics, I mean outfit goals! At least if I would see this outfit to be worn by the people I follow (on social media) and despite the fact that it is end of April it gives me such a witchy, or even Halloween-y vibes, well it may not be Halloween yet, but after all Halloween is a holiday that lasts entire year for me. Who’s with me!? And besides of all black, high heels, some of you may already know that layering is one of my favorite things in fashion, I love it! Playing around with layers (sometimes of my hair) of an outfit, from a jacket, to a dress, tights, socks, even recuperating lingerie into a mix. Sometimes layering clothes that are all black, in different textures and fabrics makes them unique and can create a combination that is entirely personal, some people like just light layers, others need a heavy leather jacket to make an outfit complete. My go to outfit and make up combination, is usually all black with red or purple lips and pop of colour, usually in a jewellery, or maybe a flannel or a top. Or hair in this scenario, although they don’t look as vibrant as they did before these photos were taken. But that’s usually how my outfits combinations look, all black with a pop of colour.

Do you have any go to fashion combinations that’s just yours?

And would you like to see other interests of mine on here? (few related blog posts may come in the near future)

I hope you enjoyed this post, it feels rather short to what I usually write but that’s all I had in my head for today. Hope you’ll have a fab day! xxx

Leggings – Primark

Shoes – Public Desire

Vegan Leather Jacket -Killstar

Black Necklace – Rogue and Wolf

Chiffon Pull-over, Top & Hat– H&M

Black Leather Choker – Camden Town

Lipstick – Kat von D Liquid Lipstick in “Vampira”

Amethyst Necklace – Crystal Hedge (in Manchester)

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