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The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. 

                                                                                                                                                – Oxford Dictionary

I can already hear the hurt voices of (white) cis gendered males screaming on top of their lungs “but why aren’t there men’s day” First of for all ignorant pricks, there is a men’s day and it’s the 19th of November. In addition, half of you claim to be  the stronger sex therefore the need to celebrate your muscularity shouldn’t be much necessary shouldn’t it? I’m just saying, all of these men crying out for their rights to be celebrated when so many women and other social minorities are still fighting for their basic rights to be fully acknowledged, is right on ridiculous. Sure, men get discriminated against, abused, used etc, by women, men and everyone in between, however they are still much more dominated then women today. I’m not saying that while fighting for women’s rights, men’s rights should be swapped under the rug, feminism is about equal rights after all.   Yet, you can’t deny  that there is still so much hate surrounding women, all across the world for simply being a women, and so much of that hate unfortunately does come from men. We are still portrayed as the weaker sex, by men, media, advertising, society and even by ourselves. In the 3rd world countries women still have no choice or right to be married whomever they love,  being part of the LGBTQ+ is a death sentence. Being a women means, cooking, cleaning, giving birth and fulfill all of the men’s wishes.  Girls as young as 9, who probably didn’t even get their first period are being sent off from their family’s home and putted in the hands of men who are 3o year older then them. And just because this isn’t happening here doesn’t mean that the issue isn’t there.

On top of that in the countries that most of us are raised the discrimination against women is still loud and clear. I’m talking about gender pay gap, sexism at work, over-sexualisation, no respecting other’s skill and being taken seriously because you’re being a women  And  unfortunately some of that hate is being done by fellow women. This whole fiasco that is happening needs to stop. And I’m talking about female to female hate. It usually comes for jealousy, insecurity or other factors. I myself was part of the female to female hate, when at school I would be constantly picked on by other girls, because I didn’t fit in, as I was tall and skinny like a stick, because I was seen as their rival, as someone they needed to compete with. I maybe had something that they were jealous off. Of course I don’t keep in contact with them so these are only speculations, the end argument is that other females are trying to bring other females down. And this need to stop! We get enough shit from the society as it is, if we start tearing each other down then nothing will change. When the Women Marches were happening few weeks ago I was all over social media, as unfortunately I was unable to be a part of it myself, but seeing all of that support, seeing women and men coming together to support their mothers, sisters, grandmothers, friends. It was something that really made me proud, especially for my generation and even my younger sister generation, because even thought we may not live in such hard times like out grandparents or parents, the times aren’t easy either. Living in such an unstable environment that is happening at the moment, especially since sentences such as “Grab her by the pussy” or “Nasty Women” are coming out of Donald’s Trumps mouth. He is a freaking president (I have no idea how!) and the fact that one of the most powerful people in the world,  says shit like that makes my stomach turn, my eyeballs are going at the back of my skull.  That’s why we need feminism.

But as everything in life feminism has it’s stereotypes. And it is a reason why many people, including myself at some point, would never dare to call themselves feminists as feminists for the longest time were seen has viscous creatures that pray on men . Playing with men’s feelings and then later using them however they wish. (I’m looking at you Taylor Swift) But that isn’t feminism, it’s not being weak and blaming others. It’s about being strong and strong enough to handle our own life’s however we wish. Feminism is more then a label, its a movement  and it’s a movement for a reason. It’s more then just a word on a         t-shirt (ironic coming from me, looking at the top I’m wearing here) Back in the 50’s women were fighting to be able to work, walking down the streets, putting up signs and made sure they were heard loud and clear. Now days, it may seen that the feminism movement has died down, but did it? In the age of social media so many people all across the platforms and the world are proud and open talking about their view on equality, maybe creating a hashtag may not seen as big as walking in march but it’s all about being heard and that’s the first steps how change can be made.

And that change can be even made the way we look, after all this is the first thing that is being noticed whenever someone else meet’s us. Personally I’ve always loved the more risker side of fashion, corsets, harnesses, the highest heels possible, dark make up. Things that are considered controversial and are always talked down about. Even having just one tattoo, I am considered a tattooed women, therefore I should be talked down about, I get weird looks from other men or even females when I say that I love metal music and horror, things that use to be very much  aimed at male audience. Once I was on my way to a meeting and had no desire to put any make up on yet I was forced to do so as I should “look presentable”. Gee, thank you so much for that! Don’t tell women what they can and cannot like. Don’t tell women that they need to wear make up and only wear dresses and look cute all the time. Don’t call out women on the fact that they do enjoy wearing dresses and cute fashion. Don’t tell women they cannot have the same interests as men do! Just stop. It’s 2017, wake up!

intersectional feminism

Intersectional feminism is feminism that is all inclusive. This kind of feminism really is the only true kind of feminism, but has to exist as a separate entity to combat “white feminism”, TERFS, and SWERFs, who try to exclude or ignore groups of women in their idea of equality. Intersectional feminism also includes individuals of non-binary genders.
                                                                                                                                              – Urban Dictionary

I personally identify myself as an intersectional feminist. Even though I may not be the biggest activist out there when it comes to feminism, but I am definitely outspoken when it comes to equality between, female, male and everyone in between.  Even since very young age I argued that those who identify as men, are allowed to wear make up, I constantly bitch about how the gender within fashion shouldn’t be a big deal. It always annoyed the hell out of me when I’ve seen kids in the public or media expressing themselves how they wish, ignoring gender roles and typical social standards and then seeing the general public criticize that. My outlook on everything is simple. Be who you want to be, believe in what you want to believe, love who you want to love. etc, just don’t be an ass about it! Equality for all basically. We all may come from different backgrounds, speak different language  and are use to different social norms. There should be one (or more) thing that should be universal and that equal rights and respect, for women, men, trans people and everyone.

Simply because it is basic human right!

“Why are you a feminist?”

Why aren’t you?

“You don’t look like a feminist” 

Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know I suppose to walk with a label attached to my shoulder.

“Cat-calling is a compliment, take it”

If that’s the case, keep your complements to yourself.

“Men get objectified too, you know!” 

Sure, they do. Heck I myself objectify men! However, that usually won’t resort to harassment or rape. (at least not on such scale)

“It’s 2017 women and men are equal now” 

Oh, really they do? Please say that to all of those women in 3rd world countries!

“Are you a feminist because you hate men?” 

No, I am a feminist because I love men and I want equality for all

“Women are not capable of doing men’s job” 

Oh, since when jobs had gender roles?

“I think that men should have equal rights too”

Please say that to those who don’t have them, I dare you!

“You are so privileged, women in other countries still fight for their rights, why don’t you do the same” 

Exactly, fighting for my equal rights, I am also fighting for other’s equal rights. This isn’t a black and white issue.

“So you’re a feminist and you work in fashion, an industry that is constantly distorting women’s image. How does this work?”

Mostly, because I want to help change the industry. Of course this cannot be done alone. From my experience I’ve seen first hand that industries that stereotypically are advertised at the female market, is mostly run by men. And as controversial as it may seem I am not the biggest fan of it. Of course please men, be part of the industry! I mean it! But you can’t deny that women are not tried as an equal.

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