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Who else has this complicated love-hate relationship with someone? It can be exhausting, right? Now, imagine that this someone is in fact a band of 4 that have been ruing your life, bank account and toying with you emotions since the year 2005. For those of you who have been following me for a while or at least on Twitter, if not please do, it’s hella fun! And if you do, I’m sure you’ve already witnessed my fangirling over  Tokio Hotel’s new album. And I won’t even apologise for filling up your guys’ feed. Every single time I hear of Tokio Hotel realising new music, I am. So. Damn. Excited. And every single time I think it’s going to be different, that I won’t be that hyperactive, 11 year old that would buy anything with Bill Kaulitz, and the gang faces on! And in someway’s nothing has changed, I’m still freaking out about the new album, as I write this my anxiety regarding the shipping on the limited deluxe version of the album is on another level!

Then again, thanks to the beauty of the internet I’ve already listened to the entire album/sold my non existing soul to it/got all of my emotions torn apart! While listening to this album I’m wondering where are these 4 guys that I’ve fall in love with 12 years ago? Lot’s of O.G  Tokio Hotel fans aren’t the biggest fans of them shifting from rock pop from Schrei days to the more electro pop approach to their music, but with this album that wasn’t such a shocker to be honest. Their latest album from 2014, “Kings of Suburbia” wasn’t everyones cup of tea, due to the more produced sound, and personally as someone who loves metal, rock and more the heavy side of the music genre, I totally understand it. Then again, I believe that artists have the complete freedom of creating what their hearts desire, and as Tokio Hotel staited themselves , the newest album was the album they’ve wanted to make. And it can be heard.

The album is full of emotion, with very good production, and if you are interested in music on the higher level then your typical fan girl/boy you’d see that. The album with a total of 10 songs, which kind of disappointed me as we are usually use to the 12 songs plus some bonus ones scenario, then again that means it will be quicker for me to review this album. See I can look at the positive sides! I must say, when I’ve heard the album back to back, few times at least, it was giving me such a 80s pop vibes, just like the cover that from my research was inspired by the Netflix’s own series “Stranger Things”. And it’s the first time since the album “Scream” from 2007 since all the Tokio Hotel gang is on the cover and not only Bill. And before I go off talking about all the songs individually, I’ve just wanted to rant a little bit, the album was released today and the first show (in London, which I’m going to and I’m so damn excited!) will be happening next week. It’s usually very unusual for a band to realise albums just before life shows, do you think they’re testing their fandoms loyalty? Well almost all the shows are sold out, or the VIP packages at least are. I guess we are a rather loyal bunch! The album inspired by festivals, freedom, travelling and of course dreaming. And as this album is described by the band themselves as their “dream album” no wonder the title is “Dream Machine”. And that freedom can definitely be heard, musically, lyrically or even seeing how the boys present themselves on social media!

Starting off with a calm and melancholic deep sound in the right begging of the first song, which usually sets the entire mood of the album in my opinion.“Something New” being the first single of the record and ultimately the first thing we would know about the album. With the music video realised on the 11th of February. The calm tone of the song in the mixture of electric guitar, keys and drums, it’s your ultimate chill out song, with a very settle climax at the end which in my opinion is rather over used by pop artists in the industry but as it’s Tokio Hotel, well the guy’s made it work, mostly as the climax was rather settle and worked till the end of the song. It’s for sure not my absolutely favourite song off the album, but I don’t hate it!

When listening to the entire album or at least few songs, you can definitely hear that the boy grew and matured since their insane fame days of 2008. I mean, the drummer, Gustav Schafer is married and a father! What the hell! But as they grew older so did their lyrics and sound, and you can really hear it when listening to“Boy’s Don’t Cry”.  The song is more upbeat then “Something New” however the tone of it, is still melancholic. And maybe that’s the reason why this song is one of my favourites, or maybe it’s just the pure reason that it’s very reminiscent of the 80’s sound, that seems to be working for them. It’s really refreshing for a band to try different sounds thought their music career, it definitely keeps the fans on their toes. And that’s something Tokio Hotel was always very good at.

And sometimes you just have to take things easy. And as self explanatory it sounds, that’s exactly what the song“Easy” is about. And also it’s about smoking weed at the back of the car. Lovely, like I said. As long it’s safe and legal, Tokio Hotel do whatever you won’t. I think after seeing the music video for “Feel it All”The reference to drugs isn’t an entire new concept to the Tokio Hotel universe. Well if that’s what they need to take it easy. Honestly, no shade and judgment, at least they are being honest. So no surprise the song was rather chill, and melancholic but not sad, it was very simple. Which is rather refreshing since I feel like now days artists are trying to make their lyrics, musical production and everything in between overly complicated, when there’s no need.

When thinking of the tone of the album,  “What If” was definitely a very good choice for the second single. That was song that personally won be over on the sound and the album over all! The simple lyrics, catchy bit and oh men did you see that music videos?! Talk about those Kaulitz moves. I think that the music video goes so well with sound of the song, it’s simple, it delivers the song message in very creative and non complicated way and it’s also a music video that has all of the 4 band members! I’m not going to lie, lyrically  this song, or any other song of the album for that matter, isn’t super diverse or complex lyrically , they do sound like a typical pop songs, in my opinion. However I feel like it’s the sound, production and the image that makes this album really stand out!

I always like to say that a good album has middle, high, low and the lowest songs, mood wise of course. I feel like with“Elysa”  they’ve achieved the lowest point possible, the soothing sound and calm voice of Bill makes this song an ideal song to either fall asleep to or cry to. Don’t lie, I can’t be the only one that would happily drown my own personal set of eyes in my salty tears to this song! Of course the biggest two themes on this album are dreaming and heartbreak. The heartbreak can be heart sound a clear in this song, it feels like Bill is crying out of help with his lyrics, which is hard to think about. But like they’ve putted in one of interviews, they write the best when they aren’t ok. And that’s usually case with art.

 Another personal favourite, from the beginning if I have to honest, is “Dream Machine” for sure. Mostly because the sound of the entire song is rather the same thought-out, which weirdly enough isn’t something I am a fan of usually, then again Bill’s tone of the voice, that’s so relaxed and mellow, especially when he sings: “Let’s get high” just really makes me want to hear it, more and more. Of course if you watched one of the newest episodes of Tokio Hotel TV  you’d get why Bill is writing about getting high and escaping reality in this album so much. I get it really. I mean my outlook on it is, do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else, and them making references to drugs really does not faze me at all. At this point I’m not even surprised, and maybe if it weren’t for it, we wouldn’t have this song or album in general.

And as we are taking about escaping the brutal reality is “Cotton Candy Sky”. Going in the theme of electronic rhythms, and calm vibes, with the vocalists, Bill Kaulitz, mellow voice creating a song that would be ideal for a summer night or a road trip. I can definitely tell that living in California has inspired the Kaulitz duo a lot, it’s definitely a song that will be played all the time during summer. Also the lyrics “I suck at life” are just too relatable too even!

If I have to brutally honest, I’m not really an overly emotional person, however when it comes to Tokio Hotel and their music, well, there’s an exception, I will laugh, scream or cry like no one seen be more.“Better”  is one of these songs that just hits me hard! The heartbreaking voice of Bill talking how “I’m better, better, better, on my own” well, it’s a hard concept to think about, since thousand of girls (and boys) myself included of course, would gladly kill to even meet Bill Kaulitz, or any other member of Tokio Hotel for that matter. So please, Kaulitz stop saying you’re better of alone and stop toying with your fans emotions, it’s rude.

I feel like this album is an ideal combination between chill sound to a sound that you can literally get lost in. “As Young As We Are”  is one of these songs that you could listen to at any given scenario and it would sound just right, with the mix of key’s and bass giving it that mellow beat and mix of Bill’s voice sining all about love and being young, it gives a feeling that it’s yet another song that just talks about them wanting to be young forever. And as much as my sense of humour is morbid and sad, I’m all here for the concept of just living every second and generally forever. Just in better world.

Not only the album started with a mellow “bang” as I like to call it (read: it started off really well) it also ended extremely well! And going off with the rather mellow theme, Bill is singing about leaving California as he is not healed yet, and not ready to love yet. “Stop, Babe”  is yet, another song that will toy with you emotions, and I honestly don’t think I’m ready to experience this song live!

I am sorry if this review is rather all over the place, my brain is still trying to process the album and I’m sure it will take me time, seeing how much the boys spent time on it and how much heart they’ve putted in that record really makes a huge difference when listening to it. This record has a soul and meaning and as much as some the ticket prices may be insane, you can tell the German group does what they do because it’s their life! I’m proud of them! This album is an entire experience it itself!

Please let me know in the comments if you listened to the album and what are your thoughts on it ^_^ Love xxx


Mostly becouse I am too nostalgic to the “old” Tokio Hotel sound. However it is a great album worth lsiitng to!

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