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On the Internet for a while now, well please read it as two videos, I’ve been sharing my favourite items of the particular month. Some of them may change or stay the same, the truth is as much as I’d like to keep up with filming or posting or maybe both! I get those lazy and un-inspired days, and in all honestly I do find it easier to just chit chat in my “style” posts. But without giving myself any goals or resolutions I do in fact want to put more effort into this blog, especially since it finally looks like I desired for it to be! And reading or watching other people’s favourites, I thought I’d give it a go on this blog, to give it more diversity and make things more interesting for both you and me. I don’t know yet if I’ll keep up with these but here are my favourite items of January 2017!

Flower Pot (used for make up brushes) from House of Frazer

I’ve been feeling like finally change up things a little bit in my room and finally get into the organisation of it all, it’s still a mess but I’m getting there. And preciously carrying all of my make up brushes in a bag just became un-convenient especially since for most of the time I do my make up at home so there isn’t any point in having them in a bag when I can have them in a flower pot. Yep, you’ve read it right, flower pot. As all of my plats are already dressed in a clean and white flower pots, instead of buying another plant, I can barely keep my current plants alive! I’ve decided to put my make up brushes there! And they all fit so well, and “bloom and grow” is such a lovely message when it comes to beauty. Personally, I am all about that glow!

Candles (left one) from H&M and HomeBase

If you’ve been following me for a while you would know that bit of information about me but if not, I’m Kinga I’m obsessed with candles! During the winter I always have a candle, or two, ok sometimes even three. Currently, I’ve been loving the combination of two candles, two different scents, from two different brands, first off we have H&M Home brand, and if you lived under a rock, yes H&M has a home collection and it’s doesn’t suck considering a fact that it’s a fashion brands! As for fashion my standards for homeware are high but for candles even higher, being a candle snob and all, sorry it run’s in the family. The first candle’s scent came in a “Lemon&..” something else, I can’t remember honestly, but I do remember that the smell of it was so refreshing yet it didn’t overpower my room. The burning time was around 15h’s which for a candle like that isn’t too bad, but I was mostly impressed with how it burned. We may all be too familiar with how some candles in pretty packaging can burn, and usually they burn terribly with wax being stuck to the edges and you wonder whenever you should waste the glass that could be your next room decor piece or just scrape all of it from the edges. That’s not the case with this candle. I was never that impressed with the way wax was melted in a ceramic pot! 9/10 H&M!!  The zesty smells works particularly well with the mixture of raspberry and cactus of the two wig candle from HomeBase which was £15 pounds which for two wig being very cheap price! Not only it burns very well with little wax left on the glass, it gives out a fresh smell that really lasts. And you know what else lasts? The log ware of this candle! I had it for months and really burned it, and I still have half of it left! Once finished you bet I’ll buy like 1000 of them!

Lime Crime Venus 2 Palette 

Shades: Mustard, Jam, Mud

As much as I love all black everything even it comes to fashion, my make up choices on the other hand can be bit more diverse. For few years now I’ve been obsessing with a red eyeshadow, red eyeliner… you name it! And as controversial as it may seem, Lime Crime know how do red’s! I am a proud owner of both Lime Crime Venus 1 & 2 palette’s and as much as I love both, this month the Venus 2 wins. I won’t go too into depth into this palette alone as I am planning to write an entirely separate blog post regarding it. But I will say I’ve been loving the combination of the red (Mud) orange (Jam) and yellow (Mustard) I mean talk about a yummy combo(!). But for real, all of these eyeshadows blended in together look so nice on the eye, although I must say I am head over heels over Mud and Mustard!

Vivienne Westwood Biography 

In January after months of owning it I have finally decided to start reading the biography of the one and only, Vivienne Westwood! The queen, mother of punk, my personal icon, gosh she is literally my role model when it comes to career. And did you know she’s also an activist for environmental issues! Viv, become cruelty free and you will be literal God to me! But what can I say, the women rocks, so of course I had to pick out her biography at some point even though I think I know enough about here, we can all know more can we. And I’ve never sounded so creepy in a blog post before, I think. I won’t give you a full review because 1) I don’t have time for that at the moment. 2) This post is long enough. 3) I haven’t even finishes it! However once I’ll do expect a review!

Death Note 

Who else feels like you have absolutely no idea what do to with your life after discovering a perfect show? That’s how I feel after discovering and finishing “Death Note”. It took me a around a week on and off to finish it, not an achievement I am proud off but I am proud of the fact that I actually watched it! I have seen the notebooks from “Death Note” all over Instagram for years but never gotten the craze over it, then again the last anime I’ve watched non-stop was Pokemon and let me tell you, back then I was a child, so it was a while until my next anime obsession and oh boy I’ve fallen fast and hard! In all honestly I’ve thought this show will be overrated since so many people were into it, but I was wrong af! Let’s just say I don’t think I’ll find an anime as good as this one. It’s about a notebook, “Death Note” that let’s the whoever own’s it kill anyone (within it’s rules) how fun (!) so it’s a sci-fi, drama kind of show! And it’s a perfect one, I am currently, obsesses with L, he just so relatable, smart and well adorable! And his sass just kill’s me every time!! I highly recommend watching “Death Note” if you like anime, it’s currently on British Netflix.

Claw Necklace from Shop Dixi 

In the past few months I’ve been tapping back into my old style, or more off, a style I was lust over when I was younger. And from finally getting my wardrobe to where I want to be when it comes to clothes, shoes and of course jewellery. Lately (or forever) I’ve been loving nature or animal inspired jewellery pieces that include stones, gems etc. I found this Shop Dixi long necklace in Depop and the moment I saw it, I clicked “buy” and never regretted the moment. This necklace is gives me such an easy access to colour if I feel like wearing it, and we all know how little colourful clothes I own, I feel like pop of colour in jewellery is such an easy way to get bit of it. I adore this shade of green, I find it so flattering and it goes so well with most of my clothes and the claw aspect gives it such a creepy vibe that, I feel like no one could resist it.

“Rune” and “Rule” rings from The Rogue + The Wolf

Do you ever find a brand that you are so infatuated with that you’re scared that you will not be able to find anything else like it ever again? That was me with The Rogue and The Wolf. I found out about this brand about how I found most of my favourite brands, thought other bloggers. And for few years oddly enough I’d drool over their stunning creations without thinking and checking the website, as I’ve honestly thought I could never afford such beauty. I am planning to do a massive post regarding rest of the items I got and planning to get, I’ll talk more about the brand then. Today I’ve wanted to share two of my favourite items this month that I’ve recently purchased. Since outgrowing my nails (still outgrowing as they broke off ugh!) I’ve been obsessed with rings, can you blame me, really. And as black is one of my favourite “colours” well the witchy, vibe and geometric silhouettes of these don’t hurt either. That’s why I’ve fallen for them in the first place. And that’s why I’ve attached the website so you can too!

My Spotify playlist I’ve been listing a lot this month:


And what were your January favorites darlings? Please let me know!

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*disclaimer: The items market with * are items kindly gifted to me by brands and/or PR company, I am not obligated to talk about them nor being paid. All opinions are my own. 



  • Carmelatte February 9, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    Wow! Love your gadgets! <3 Quite great pieces! Magnificent white space, very arty!


  • Dominique February 10, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    I read the Vivienne Westwood Biography at the beginning of last year. I love the way Ian Kelly has constructed the story while still being faithful to the legacy Viv wants to put out today, especially in the last chapter but naturally also through the interviews he’s conducted with her. At the end of last year I read the Get A Life! book (which is basically just a nice package of her blogposts on climaterevolution.co.uk) and there you can really read more about her vision in regards to the world and the way how it -according to her- all comes together (say her ideas about fashion, culture and politics, but mainly politics). Really interesting read to grab after you’ve finished the biography! The writing of the biography also gets a small mention within the diaries which I thought was kinda meta. 😉



  • Hayley Fearnley February 10, 2017 at 11:42 pm

    Shop Dixi is one of my favourites, and that necklace is beautiful! You may have just tempted me to go back and buy more from them after already purchasing a few rings from them


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