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Do ever get that excitement of 5 year old that’s about open up their beloved birthday present when finally sitting down to create another blog post and when you open up the images to go along with the post you find out in the horror that they are too small of the post and any attempt of trying to fix them by enlarging them would only make the matters worse? Well that’s what happened to me this afternoon.While I had half and hour free between my arrive from London to work I thought that I would spend it in publishing a blog post. Apparently not.  In these kind’s of situations over the years I’ve learned to brush these things off, as I like to say that my life is a joke, and not even a funny one. The truth is, you can always re-shoot the images, and I’ve done that many, many times or postpone that blog post from afternoon to the evening. However this time I wouldn’t be as excited about the idea of reshooting these images because not only I literally did not have time but also the weather outside has reached the absolute 0. Luckily for once in my life I have used my brain (regarding this blog) and remembered that before deleting these images from my computer I did back them up on my 1tb hard drive! Buy one, it’s such a jam!

Having that blogging break you would think that at least I’d do two posts per week or as I’ve thought blog everyday (hahahahaha yeah, right!) but no. Well, it’s not that I didn’t want to, trust me, I love blogging and would happily do it everyday, there are two factors that don’t allow me to do it. One, time, with me getting more hours at work, which I’m quite happy about as it gives me the freedom of travelling, spending (something I really need to work on during 2017) and save up so I can move back to London but this time not working a job I have to work in but work a job I want. Makes sense? Cool! The second factor why I well, don’t tend to post that much is time, but more of the times I post in. I usually have a schedule of the days and times I publish a blog post, it brings some sort of routine into my life, and it keep’s me motivated. However when I don’t manage to stick to those times, ideally Monday’s, Wednesday, Fridays or Sundays at one of those times 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm or 9pm. With my work schedule and well, way of living that sort of timeline fit’s me the most, and I noticed lot’s of people! I will try my best to stick to at least one of those time, like I said it keeps me motivated.

And that motivation is highly needed, as I am currently working on so much content, and not only style but also beauty, lifestyle some music. And some more personal pieces as well. I really want to branch out with my content. However style wise. Let’s just say my plan is to go back a bit. Who remember’s when I was talking about my past style, click here if you need a recap. Thanks to the magic on the internet, social media and of course other bloggers my style went back to it’s routes and for real this time as I can actually afford, well about 60% of the stuff I wish to wear, gosh I love being an adult, being able to work full time and earn money for material stuff! I really do! Maybe not as much as I love black clothing and this dress but close. 

It originally comes from Killstar, aka my favourite online brand, brand in general for the past few months! However I got this from Depop, which is an app that you can purchase second hand items, basically a charity shop for lazy people, but some of the items can be more on the pricer side. It all depends on what you’re looking for to be honest. I found this dress on there and I can’t remember how much exactly it was but it definitely wasn’t full price and it was in my size! Well, being a size small, I would rather go size down as I feel like this dress would fit me even better but it’s not like on Depop you can choose sizes. Regardless, this dress is amazing, knitted, elegant bit distressed. I totally wore this dress to go out, or to just chill in as it’s so comfortable and I need to wear dresses more often this year, as much as jeans and pants will always be my favourite, dresses and skirts definitely grew on me in the past few years. And I do own few that I just don’t wear enough. Since this dress goes just below my knees, I always find that I feel more confident wearing a heel rather then a boot, it’s all about balance. Yeah right, balance in these heels?! Funny. Actually it’s possible! Otherwise I wouldn’t wear them. With some cute, white frilly socks, that go with the lace details of the dress, with a hat, and one of my favourite necklaces, this outfit gave me such witchy vibes, which at the moment I am in love with!

Do you prefer dresses with heels or flat boots? And how do you schedule your blog posts. I’d love to know^_^

Thank you for stopping by! xxx


Hat – H&M

Dress – Killstar

Socks  – Primark

Shoes – Public Desire

Necklace – Shop Dixi

Rings – H&M & Primark

Choker – From Camden Town (similar)

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  • Sofi B January 27, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    Awh, I really love your style! *.* This look is perfect!!!


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