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We have 2 days till Halloween and as happy I am for it to come as I love Halloween (duh I mean have you seen the latest blog posts or videos!?)! I love autumn in general, but the whole feeling of October and Halloween time just has something in the air. And the closer Halloween was approaching this year and more and more I’ve been into the “witchy” look and Gothic silhouettes. It makes me bit nostalgic as I always since being quite young, admired the entire witchy vibe, the pentagram symbols and Gothic vibes all over. But I was always so afraid to show that side of me, or even afraid to explore it more than I did at the time. As I was afraid of the judgments and the comments people would’ve give me, and I use to get enough of those only dressed in black, so I was good. But also I never knew anyone, other than celebrities, to dress in such a way. Because dear kids, when I was in high school the only reason why I opened my computer was to watch a movie or watch a music video, nothing else! 
So, growing up, having no one to relate to in real life when it came to more alternative fashion was hard. So I just suppressed this love of mine for this culture so I would have some kind of peace of mind at that point. Than something happened. 4 years ago I created this blog, and dived into the blogging community, seeing ordinary people my age or younger and older dressed exactly how I was aspired to be dressed as when I was younger. Over the top, glamorous with a hint of “I don’t give a fu$k of what other people think of me” . And I not only admired the style, the hair and make up choices but to be so brave and really show who they are inside out without being apologetic. And that’s how it should be! It definitely took me time to understand it and fully embrace it, because when I was younger I still stud my ground, yet not enough. It’s simple be yourself regardless of what society things. Even if wearing something that may look like “Halloween” costume in April, go for it! 
It’s funny writing those words now, and seeing how much I grew as a person and how much my perspective has changed. Sure 100 people may not like who you are or what you are about but there will be that 4 people who will and will support you all the way. And having this blog as definitely helped me realise that. So, whoever is reading this. Thank you. Now to the outfit part! Yeah! I’m afraid if I would continue going for longer I may go down such a deep hole that non of you would see me. Let, me explain the images, the first 3 images are shot somewhere in the woods, on a different occasion than the images underneath them, but I’m wearing the same outfit and like the pictures so I’ve thought I’ll throw them in here. And once again, I may have little bit too much fun. But as my outfit is rather minimal (hahahhaa I’m so funny!) I think going over the top with make up and editing would be just the right thing to do. I was looking for a simple, black, knitted, dress for a quite a while, and than I found Killstar and, let’s just say I wanna be buried in their clothes! It’s a literal perfection! But back to the dress, not only, it’s knitted, soft and it’s long enough for me not to how my butt too much (tall girl problems) but short enough to show off my legs?! Also did I mention that it’s black!! Also dresses and boots are my favourite combination, ever! However for this one I wanted to wear a heeled boots as I felt quite festive, and was in the mood to break my ankle apparently (I haven’t, yet anyway). With come claw necklace, crystal ring, red eyes and black lips with black hat being the cherry on top of the Gothic cake, we have a modern witchy outfit. And for sure, you can also wear it as a costume, but for me it’s a everyday look. If I feel fancy 🙂 
Have a fun beginning of Halloween weekend and be safe! x x x






















Hat – H&M
Dress & Claw Necklace – Killstar
Tights – Primark
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell
Pentagram Necklace –
Ring- Regal Rose 
Backpack – Fjallraven



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