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Happy Halloween, lovely people!
I cannot believe this time is finally here, it makes me touch sad as it means I won’t be able to be as adventures with my outfits or make up and do creepy videos and photos without being questioned by the entire online society. Even though I am a firm believer in doing what the hell you wanna be doing and not give two craps about what other people thing, than again I think if I were go out like this any other night that isn’t Halloween, or October for that matter I may have been questioned by any and possibly have special services called up for me. Let’s face it look pretty freaky, when I was walking to the location to shoot these photos I was feeling incredibly self conscious, with my head held down, not wanting to look anyone in the eye, in the fear that I could be the cause of someones heart attack and that possible death and as I am all about scary things, I’m good without having such a thing on my conscious, thank you very much!
There is a reason why I love Halloween and the month of October so much, it’s not only the fact that streets and parks are turing into a colourful landscape, just begging to be photographed, it isn’t the fact that in this month so many Horror movies tend to come out as well as horror TV shows, such as American Horror Story. It’s the fact, that for some strange reason I could be wearing this sort of outfit out in the open without being questioned, October is the perfect time to get your freak out, put those contact lenses in and go for a walk! When I was growing up, I loved Halloween as any other kid, getting the (free) sweets or sometimes money if you went to the good neighbourhood, it was the fun of dressing up. And than once I was old enough going out to clubs and being around so many different people dressed in the most creative and creepy costumes celebrating the night of the dead. I have always loved the idea of being someone else, maybe that’s where my love for movies and when being younger wanting to go into acting so badly, of course that dream has faded away. And love for modelling came around and just like in acting you need to be someone else for a while. And I loved it, and still love it.
Halloween is just such a perfect excuse to be someone else for a while. To be able to act bit creepy, put the heavies make up known to men, and dress all in black and not being called a Goth. Not that there is anything wrong with, although it has always annoyed me in one way or another. But
Halloween is the night of the living dead where black is the essential uniform and the red eyeliner and red lipstick it’s mask. It’s honestly, the time when you don’t have to worry about covering your imperfections, but rather enhance them. Which you should always do anyway. But of course we all have thing we don’t particularly like, but Halloween should be time when it doesn’t matter. How them off! Like I said already, I love the idea of being someone else for a while, for the final Halloween (everyday) outfit I’ve decided to end the Halloween and October with a bang! Using the fact that I am a proud owner of skeleton leggings, which I honestly should wear more often, I’ve wanted to go for a zombie look. Or “living dead girl” which is also a song from Rob Zombie, but than again Living Dead Girl is just another name for a Zombie, isn’t it? Dressed all in back, with some crystal jewellery to add a touch of glam into the look, my over sized Killstar scarf, so I would actually die form the cold wind. I felt like a modern zombie to be honest, and I loved it. With some white contacts, that I believe do all the work and red eyeliner (actually it’s a lip liner) purple eyeshadow under my eyes and of course the magic of editing, and done! Living Dead Girl as emerged from her grave and is ready for Halloween!
I’m not sure yet, who I’ll be for the final day of October and I don’t have much time, but we’ll see.
Who are you going as this night of the dead? Are as sad as me to see October end? Please let me know in the comment’s I’d love to know!
Have an amazing Halloween and be safe!  xxx



















Cardigan – Star by Julian McDonald 
Top  –
Bra – H&M
Leggings – Black Milk Clothing
Shoes – Doc Martens (Vegan)
Choker –
Green Claw Necklace – Shop Dixi
Black Claw Necklace & Scarf – Killstar


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