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Like a said, during my last post, which is also my first tutorial, ever! (Please watch it and make me feel better about myself!) Halloween is almost here, and I have bunch of Halloween related posts and videos hitting up this blog during the next few days as Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year! In case you didn’t know. I love it more than Christmas, my birthday, Easter combined. During Halloween there’s this feeling in the air, it feels completely ok to dress in a witchy kind of way. I’ve always loved this kind of style, and when growing up I was dreaming of wearing those kind out outfits. Dark, risky, and fun! I love the fact that though this blog I am able to document and record my outfits and style revolution, I certainly went thought many different phases. However, there is such a fulfilling feeling when wearing this kind of outfit.
It’s no secreat that wearing all black, everything is always my first choice, whenever it’s Halloween or not, than again, like I said, during the colder days wearing all black is just so damn easy. You are not dying of heat stroke, becouse sun hits you direcly and you feel like melting, people don’t give you strange looks becouse you’ve decied to put self expression all the way and manifest that black is in fact the colour to wear all year round. And I am all about it. I mean, screw the society standards. It’s weard coming from me as apart form writing this blog I am also a stylist and a fashion writer and even though this blog I sort of tell what people should wear. Well, I prefer not think of it as telling, as I am giving you orders that black is in fact the best and should be worn at all costs (but let’s be honest, it should!) I simply share the things I enjoy, hoping and praying (metaphorically of course) that I will find other people with the same intrest and sense of being as I am. And that’s the beauty of the interent, sure you have tone of trolls, but you also have tone of people who will support you! And that’s why I love wiritng and sharing as finding peaople who otherwise would never have any knowladge of your existance is incredible! I mean just thoight being honest about my love for Halloween and than reading other peoples blogs and seeing that they love Halloween as much as I do, even thou I was always seem like a weirdo for liking Halloween that much, it’s something worth sharing for!
About two weeks ago, while I was filming for my YouTube Channel  and I knew just how to dress it up! It’s insanely short, so make sure you’ll wear some tights or even short shorts, than again if you are like me and just don’t care, wear them with share tights like I’m wearing here. Not only it’s really short it’s also really tights, and surprisingly warm, I fall in love with the lace detailing on the front. Once again it reminded me of the art corsetry, for years I’ve been massive lover of such aesthetic. I know many pepole won’t understand as underwear and intimate clothing are always seen as something that should be hidden from the world. However I feel like when it comes to opinions and fashion the bigger deal someone is going to make of it, the larger it becomes that’s why I always looked at is like clothes. Nothing else. With the chiffon bell sleeves it gives such a elegant and like I said, witchy vibe, it feels so perfect for this kind of season! Paired with wool hat, and my new Doc Martens with some crystals added, which I’ve really been getting into. I felt like a modern witch. Even thou due to my black contacts people looked at me like I’m spawn of Satan. I’ll take it anyway. 
How do you feel about wearing all black during the Halloween time? Do you think it’s cliche or do you feel like you can finally wear something that’s yours without being judged? Let’s me know in the comments below! xxx 

















Dress – Forever 21
Tights & Socks – Primark
Shoes- Doc Martens (Vegan)
Black Crystal Necklace – Regal Rose
Clear Crystal Necklace – Urban Outfitters
Hat – H&M



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