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Halloween is just around the corner, and as I am always late with everything, because this post could have been posted as early as two weeks ago. I am weird, and the way my blogging schedule works, doesn’t make sense to me yet alone to anyone who hasn’t properly met me in real life. Let’s just state one thing. My blogging schedule is weird as hell it self. Never been, will probably end up there eventually judging on these photos.  Than again, as the world wide web is full of minds that may think alike, at least that’s what I’m hopping. I hope that at least one person will get something out of this post, just in time for Halloween! During the month of October, I had lot’s of time on my hands, and that got me thinking, which isn’t always a good thing. I came up with this amazing idea of changing things! I know. Wohoo, slow down bruh! I said it million times and I said it again, I want to blog less (or more) but with better quality content, with deeper posts and talking about subjects that matter to me and inspire me. And I’ve already started it. But here’s another part. You all know I love Halloween! Because what better time of the year than to be someone else?! I love music and musicians in general. I find that music and musicians inspire me more than fashion designers or models ever did! I love how diverse, open minded and not afraid musicians can be when it comes to their stage, or off stage look. So today. I bring you, two totally different musicians that are kind of connected, are sort of controversial, and I love their look! Also did I say that for the most part they are perfect for those who don’t want to splurge and are lazy (aka me)

Yolandi Vesser

I present to you, Yolandi Vesser, or Kinga Kurek trying really hard to be Yolandi Vesser, because the women is totally badass! The singer who’s mostly known as being part of a rave rap South African band, Die Antwoord has amazed me with her look since I first really opened my mind to the band when I’ve watched their video for “Ugly Boy” and there was something about Yolandi’s make up and hair that just struck me. It was demonic but beautiful, I can’t really put it to words. Put let’s just say I liked it so much that I had to recreate it (tutorial below). And as I have recreated the make up part I’ve thought why not recreate the costume. I think I’ve seen Yolandi wear an onesie in one of the magazine photo shoots and as I was touch lazy to actually come up with a costume I’ve thought why not wear a unicorn onesie, some flat boots, as Yolandi is quite petite, I knew heels just couldn’t cut it for me as I am tall. And there you go. Cheap, easy and lazy as hell costume of Yolandi Vesser! 
To become Yolandi you’ll need: 
Boots –
An Onesie —
 Choker (black, but pink or clear one would be perfect)—
Do your make up and hair like Yolandi (tutorial below) —–






What I’m wearing:
Choker –
Shoes – Doc Martens (Vegan)
Lips – Lime Crime Velvetine “Black Velvet”

Marilyn Manson

The second creature I turned myself into (I’m sure that’s what my dad would call me if he saw me) was one and only Mr. Marilyn Manson, because screw gender roles I’ll go as a dude on Halloween, yeah! But in all honestly, wear whatever you want, not only on Halloween but in any other day of the year, stick it to the men! It’s 2016 for f&*k sake’s! To the point. First of this is not the first time I’ve dressed as a dude for Halloween and not the last I am sure! Anyway, the reason why I’ve decided to dress as Marilyn Manson wasn’t only my personal statement about Halloween costumes and gender roles, put I really admire the guys and would love to hang with him one day. As well as many people find him terrifying so there you go Halloween costume sorted. I was laughing that this costume is one of the most gender fluid friendly costumes, as to achieve it you need to wear make up, contacts, more lipstick than your lips can handle, and a suit. Some black boots or platform high heels would be welcomed as well. And you are ready to go and be your own Antichrist Superstar! 
To become Marilyn Manson you’ll need:
Suit jacket-
Leather trousers–
Some bold jewellery—
Very high heeled boots—-
Some bold jewellery——
A white (or black or grey shirt)——-
Do your hair and make up just like Marilyn Manson does (tutorial below)——-








What I’m wearing:
Jacket & Trousers – H&M
Shirt – TM Lewin
Shoes – Public Desire
Ring – Gina Tricot


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  • Oliver Long October 31, 2016 at 11:11 am

    Wow these looks are pretty out there! Well done modelling them so well too!

    Oliver x


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