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We are in the middle of October, well almost the end of it. Personally, I’ve started celebrating Halloween in August already, but I think it’s time to bring it unto this blog now. I would start sooner but as I’ve moved to Manchester few weeks ago it wasn’t until this week when I finally got the internet up and running, and I actually just got the motivation and inspiration to write a blog post. I don’t know maybe mostly because for the past couple of weeks I’ve been reading non stop. You name it, fiction, non-fiction, articles, blog posts. All of it. And there is a theory that the more you read the better your writing will get. Let’s hope for the best.
Last year I got sent two candles by a candle company, Fabulous Candles.  The scents I got were Green Mango & Guava and other one in Lemongrass & Ginger and that was a year ago. So why am I writing about this just now? Mostly, because as most lifestyle products I need to try out the product to have an opinion on it, that’s not based on aesthetics, duh! And no, these candles didn’t last me for an entire year, oh boy I wish!! Mostly, because I really loved these candles, so much that I cannot wait to get paid and order some more! And when it comes to candles this doesn’t happen often, I happen to be two things, candle addict and candle snob. It runs in the family, we all are obsessed with candles! There is such a relaxing and comforting thing about them, the presence of the fire seems so friendly, especially during the chillier days of autumn and winter. When I finally burned these candles for more than 20 minutes, I’ve done that when I was already living on my own, in a massive room which to be honest I was scared that I would have to lit 10 candles in order to fill the room with the refreshing smell.
That was not the case with these! The larger candle in the scent of Green Mango & Guava really fill up the entire room, and let me just tell that the room I was in back than was a large double room and even then the scent of the candle fill up the entire room, that already says something! The smell was bit weird in the best way possible, it was fresh and fruity, if that description even is able to describe this scent. The second scent I got to try was a smaller candle of  Lemongrass & Ginger, this one was different and my personal favourite as I tend to like weird shit. In the best way possible, the scent is fresh, zesty and bit spicy which in theory most of you mind be cringing in that combination but in all honesty is smell phenomenal!
And as Halloween is almost here, I created a Halloween themed photos. Even thou I meant to post them last year, for number of reasons I wasn’t able to. However, better late than never, and I present to you the images I created for the candles. I wanted to create something, deep, dark and gothic. I hope a succeed. And not only candles are good thought the year, they are amazing for Halloween to add that extra scare factor. Or fire hazard, whatever you prefer.


















On me: 
Dress – Mistress Rocks
Tattoo Choker –
Make up:



  • Fashioned by Pluche October 23, 2016 at 9:37 am

    SpoooOOOoooky pictures! I see you're really getting into the spirit of Halloween! The candles sound great! I myself go through a love-hate affair with candles (one moment I love them and I'm frolicking around the house, and then suddenly I realise they can burn down the house so I'll hide in the corner in the hope they'll burn out soon…). Anyway… love the colour of your lipstick! Perfect for this time of the year…


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