About two months ago I’ve filmed a Back to School Haul which you can watch here 
But since I kind of missed writing more about fashion and general fashion products on this blog, I’ve thought I will go though each item I am showing in the video. 
Sunglasses from Camden Town
First off.  I found these sunglasses in one of stands in Camden Town. Originally I wanted to buy the round ones, you know the John Lennon, Ozzy Osborne kind, I’ve always loved them, and every single time I see a pair I try it one and they just don’t look good on me.. Unless they are super oversized, however I didn’t find a pair yet, sadly. But I found these, they do nothing to block out the sun, if I have to be honest. However when it comes to sunglasses I see them more like a accessories to style an outfit with not really a practical thing if you get where I’m coming from. So the fact they don’t really block out the sun that much doesn’t bother me as much. They reminded me of the sunglasses Dior had as part of their spring/summer 2016 collection, and when I’ve seen them I fall in love, even thou I couldn’t afford a pair. But these are just as cool. 
Dress from Killstar
This was my first ever Killstar purchase and not the last. I don’t understand why for so long I’ve was drawn to this brand as it’s aesthetic just screams me! My younger self would happily sacrifice internet privileges in order to wear the entire collection. There’s such a cool, dark, witchy, gothic vibe to the brand that I just cannot stay away! I’ve also been in a hunt for a prefect sweater dress and this is pretty close. The high-low hemline gives such a cool grungy effect in my opinion, and it’s so easy to style, just for everyday looks with trainers or boots and when worn with heels. Well, let’s just say it’s a party!   Ever since I’ve bought this dress, it’s been one of my favourites. I just cannot wait to show you how I’ve styled it! 
Jeans from Stradivarius
I got these jeans, mainly because they were black. Over the years I’ve worn so many different pairs of jeans in many colours, I use to love blue jeans, but in the past 2 years I’ve noticed that even thou I like blue jeans, most of the time I will go for a black pair of jeans as I feel the most comfortable in them. It’s definitely in my comfort zone, and black jeans are the most versatile in my opinion. The pair I got are called “Push-up” jeans as they suppose to make your butt look really good. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of these, they touch uncomfortable, as they don’t have much stretch to them, after a while they do stretch but still they won’t give me the comfort I wish for. However they will do for work and just running around.
Vintage “Slayer” Tee
One of my favourite places to get band t-shirts from are vintage stores and charity shops. There’s this one true vintage store between TCR and Holborn that has such a cool retro and rock ‘n’ roll vibe to it, that after months of passing it by, I’ve finally walked in and went straight to the men’s t-shirt section, and they literally have an entire section, entire freaking section dedicating for band t-shirts! Is this life?! I died when saw it! I’m not going lie, the t-shirts are quite pricey being it second hand but than again they are were real vintage t-shirts, so I’m not surprised. When I’ve seen this Slayer top with the logo on the back, well I couldn’t resist, by all means, Slayer is not my top favourite band of all time, but I do listen to them so I don’t see why I couldn’t buy it and proudly wear it.
COS top

As autumn is here, we all know it’s time for a long sleeves. When I went to COS just to look around, as you do, I spotted this COS top after having a look around and even thou I already had few pieces on my radar I went for it and bought this one. No regrets if you as me. What made me buy it was both the quality and the fact that it’s black, but also it has this thumb opening, which made me touch nostalgic as I use to wear lots of open gloves and that kind of tops when I was younger. Looks like my style hasn’t changed after all, huh? I know it will last long as COS does have amazing quality!

H&M Flannel 
With me it’s always all-black-everything, and yellow use to be a colour I absolutely dispised but it grew on me, especially this year. But not the happy dappy shade of yellow. I’m more into the “dirty” shade of yellow, I find that it gives such a cool grungy vibe, and it’s great way to actually put some colour in your wardrobe for fall and winter. Also flannels are one of my favoueit things, I have few in my collection but oddly enought I never ever seen a yellow flannel, so of course when I’ve seen this one, I had to have it no questions asked. I’ve bought size 16 as I like my flannels to be oversided, however as you can see this one is not really true to size so if you can defentlly size up as much as you can. Did I mention it’s also super soft?


Necklace & Ring from Regal Rose
I remember drooling all over the Regal Rose website! Their pieces are so elegant and gothic, if you like to make statement with your accessories, Regal Rose is the place to go! Honestly, just go there now and thank me later! I’ve finally bought, two pieces from the brand, one being this ring, which I’ve seen all over Instagram and different bloggers and each time I’ve seen it I wanted this in my collection more and more. It’s elegant but it’s for sure your go to statement ring, it comes in different crystal colours but red being my favourite colour, I went for it. I’ve also picked up a crystal necklace that’s well, black because what else would you expect from me. I loved it due to having this petal element to it. When nature is mixed into jewellery pieces it always looks to elegant.
Thrifted Zara (Men’s) Tee
Like I already said, when I go thrifting and am in a lookout for a simple t-shirt, I always to the men’s section as I prefer the fit of them much more than the women’s. Also men’s t-shirts will always have looser fit even when it is in size “small”, at least for my frame. I found this plane and simple top from Zara, and after having the feel of the fabric it was it and I bought it. I wish I could describe to you the softness of it! It’s definitely one of the softest t-shirts I own. And I own a lot!


Primark x Bravado Merch x Grumpy Cat collaboration Tee
Sometime ago (like two of three months ago) I had a really honour to meet Grumpy cat THE Grumpy cat! She is the cutest cat ever, let me tell you. And yes, she is as grumpy as she appears in the photos. Primark, Bravado and of course Grumpy cat did a collaboration together and came up with a line of sleepwear as well as decor featuring Grumpy Cat. When I wondered to Primark in Tottenham Court Road I spotted this t-shirt in the pyjama section and of course I had to have it! Because it’s me in a t-shirt, let’s be real haha. I mostly wear it for sleep, but if you want me to style it for a day look I’m more than happy to!


Thrifted Calvin Klein Tee (Men’s)
Here’s another trifled men’s t-shirt. This time in black but again it’s really soft! It’s Calvin Klein so what else would you expect! But when I found it I fall of the softness of it, when it comes to basic clothing, comfort and quality are the most important things for me. And again as it was thrifted this tee was hella cheap, which is always good! I think I paid 3 quid for it.


Thrifted unbranded Green Day Tee
I would love to give you a deep explenation on why I’ve bought this Green Day top but I really can’t. I love Green Day, didn’t have a band tee with them. It was really cheap. I needed to have it!
Zara Tee (Men’s)
Originally, I’ve bought this top for a photo shoot I was styling, however after it was used and it was time for me to give the clothes back I decided to keep this layered black top (I bought the clothes from Zara and didn’t borrow them form the PR just fyi). I loved how simple it was yet unique due to the layers of fabric, I am a sucker of any black layers so this t-shirt is perfect, sometimes I even wear it as a dress as it’s quite long and oversized.
New Look Jacket 
And the last all black item of clothing in this haul is this amazing black duster which let’s face it is a staple and not only in my wardrobe but I feel like everyone could benefit from a simple black duster coat. And again I have no idea what else I can say about it, it’s simple, minimalistic, perfect for fall!


Killstar Dress (from depop)
And here’s another Killstar item I got. I remember seeing that dress on Olivia Emily sometime ago and well, ever since I’ve wanted to have it in my possession! I mean look at it, knitted dress with lace on the hemlines, it’s an art piece! I was touch disappointed as for some reason I’ve thought this dress will be shorter, but maybe my legs are shorten then I’ve thought haha. Regardless. I love it! Again it’s so elegant yet spooky, just in time for Halloween! 
Killstar Necklace (from depop)

This must have been my first ever general Killstar purchase and I’ve bought it off depop. Mostly because this necklace was more expensive on the official website, and well I wanted to safe some money. Can you blame me thou?  It’s a black crystal inside a silver claw and I don’t know, there’s something beautiful about it. The crystal moved a little bit so I’m constantly terrified that it’s going to fall out and break but so far my fear has proven me wrong. That’s a thing about Killstar. The quality of their products is really, good! And what else would you want?

Bra from H&M
Ever since bra-lets became a thing, well popular at least, I’ve been living in these. Honestly, they are so comfortable and they come in so many different styles as well, I feel like brands are more creative when it comes to bra-lets than usual bras. I found this one in H&M and bought it, as it was black, and very basic in the front but the party was at the back for this one! It’s so cool to style it with white sheer tops or back-less dresses. It’s such an easy way to make your outfits something extra. Without, well, being extra.


Leather Choker from Camden Town
For the past decade chokers have been such a big part of my style, on and off but still. I’ve picked up this one, as I already have few designs but I never owned just plain and simple leather choker. It’s so easy to style and wear even if it’s casual.
“Long Hard Road From Hell” By Marilyn Manson & Neil Strauss
“Psychology of Media” By David Giles 
“High Voltage Tattoo” by Kat von D
“The Virgin Suicides” by Jeffrey Eugenides
Here are few books that I found in different places. The first 3 I bought in Waterstones and the last one I found on ebay. I’ve wanted to read the Marilyn Manson bio for so long since I’ve been his fan for like 6 years or so. He’s awesome so of course I just had to have this book in my possession, spoiler alert, it’s really good! The “Psychology of Media” sounded so fascinating it explains all about how media works and how it influences us and since I work in media myself, you know writing for a magazine and having a blog, I’ve thought it would be good for me to find out more about. The Kat von D book, again I had to have it, it’s all about her artisty and life which again it’s so fascinating to read about, she’s so smart and inspiring, for anyone who likes tattoo, rock ‘n’ roll vibe and of course KVD I highly recommend this book! And last but not least, I picked up “The Virgin Suicides” as it’s one of my favourite movies, but I never read the book that the movie is inspired by. I still haven’t read it, but once I do I will let you know my thoughts.


Aloha from Deer x Urban Outfitters Daily Journal
In order to keep myself more organised, I have decided to keep a daily journal, and actually stick to it. This one doesn’t have a calendar so it makes me feel better about myself, because I usually decided to start a journal in the middle of the year. However this one lets you write the dates yourself, which is perfect for anyone who is like me, and I like to call my way of being as a organized mess. What drawn me to this journal was not only the fact it was quite plain but also it is hard back copy, which in my opinion will last longer and I also really liked the print, because I’m white trash.
Thank you for reading and stopping by ^_^ I hope you enjoyed. What’s your favourite piece I got? I’d love to know. Please comment below x x x


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