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Here we go again. Another blog post with images that takes you back to the past. I don’t understand why the hell when at the time I was blogging these images, still after 3 years weren’t published. Than again I have enough of images and content from the past that I could blog every single day, for a week or two. So why haven’t I posted these sooner. I don’t know. I really don’t know. To be honest, most likely I’ve forgotten, over the past 6 years or so I’ve been posing, styling and taking pictures all the time. I’m not even exaggerating  when I’m telling you that at one point me and my friend, Klaudia would do a photo shoot every weekend, just for the sake of it, or to have something to post on facebook, and later unto this blog. I guess, from those  days my love for sharing content (and that content need for social approval let’s be real) really grew. And I love how
These images were shot by my best friend Weronika when she came to visit me back in summer of 2013, more posts from that summer here and here. That summer was definitely one of my favourite experiences till this day. There’s something unforgivable about exploring a city you love with one of your closest friends,and the fact that we’ve known each other our whole life made it even better. I find it quite bizarre but in the best way possible how friendships can survive despite distance and time. I’ll tell you what these are the friendships you really hold unto. Weronika in fact has taken these images for me, I remember we just took some images for the sake of it, you know goofing around, but because at the time we were both active freelance models, she still models here and there, I personally quit 2 years ago. But yeah, being children of online we spent so much time taking photos for the sake of it and for facebook. 
However, these particular images were taken for this blog, so I would have an outfit to post. Which I’m doing now. The fact that I’m posting this after 3 years and my fashion sense hasn’t changed as much as I would have thought. I mean, I would totally wear the same outfit today! Well, if I were to make few changes I would change the quality of the clothing if I have to be honest. I remember the t-shirt got literally ruined after 5 washes! Than again, I bought it off a market so I kind of knew the quality wouldn’t be that great anyway. Over the years I’ve definitely learned that quality is much more important than quality. But as styling of this outfit… well as I said, I would totally wear it again, black jeans? C’mon, I have million pairs of those, band t-shirts? The only shirts I wear (in this outfit it was a Sex Pistols t-shirt) Leather jacket? Do I even have to say anything? If you’ve been looking at this blog for a while you’d know how much I love my leather jackets! So this outfit is 100% of my style, even thou I’ve worn it 3 years ago. So does style sense really change? I wouldn’t say it changes. I would say it more grows. At least for me. 
Please let me know in the comments how you’re style changed over the years? 
Or how it hasn’t changed. Are there any staples in your wardrobe you’d still wear that you’ve worn ages ago? Please let me know! 











Photography: Weronika Paluch
Jacket – Vintage
Top– Camden Town
Trousers & Shoes– Primark



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