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This outfit meant to be part of my Festival Lookbook but than I’ve decided against it as let’s face it, as much as I love my heelless heel, they aren’t appropriate for a festival, unless you want to hurt yourself than be my guest. I’m totally kidding by the way. Funny story. When I was shooting these images a guy stopped me and asked whenever I was shooting an album cover because “I looked so rock ‘n’ roll” I’m not going to lie, it kind of made my day. For the most part my style and fashion sense comes from music, art, fashion movements, such as punk or musicians in general inspire me when it comes to my style. So when someone tells me I look rock ‘n’ roll, it is one of the greatest compliments I can receive. Tell me that I look rock ‘n’ roll makes me feel a bit bad ass to be honest haha, it’s weird I know.  Another thing that inspired when it comes to this outfit, it’s maybe touch controversial but I want to be real with you guys. Also the whole stripper culture. And I’m not talking about the actual industry more about the outfits, and the art of burlesque which also plays part in it (pun intended) I’ve always been drawn to the more controversial side of fashion or life in general. Playing by the rules is just so boring. I’m literally in the market for a pair of stripper heels just for the sake of owning them! 
If it weren’t up to me, lingerie would be appropriate  to wear as an everyday piece, because why the hell not?! Give me a black pair of heeled boots, leather jacket and skin tight corset dress and I’m ready. I love the whole aesthetic, and always loved it. When picking up  my outfits at times I  wasn’t afraid to show it. On Wednesday, Josh and I went to see “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” on the roof top of Queen of Hoxton, it was one of the coolest cinema experiences thous far, with glass of wine and sweet potato fries singing along to the classic, my favourite song is defiantly “Sweet Transvestite” if you were wondering. The fact that this movie was made in the 70s is mind blowing, due to the “controversial” aspects of it as men wearing make up, or “provocative” clothing or the fact that the creators of the movie didn’t give to craps to about traditional gender portraits. One of the reasons why “Rocky Horror Picture Show” is one of my favourites, it was different for it’s time.  And it’s still different even now. But that’s the beauty of it. Like I said, playing by the rules is just so freaking boring! 
That’s why when it came to fashion I’ve always loved playing with it, experimenting and at times as much as I would preach them, break the fashion rules, as we know that rules are made to be broken, especially if it’s something as subjective as art or fashion. There shouldn’t be any rules to begin with. However, for this outfit, ironically enough I was thinking of fashion rules when I put it together in my mind everything made sense, simple silhouette of the outfit, statement heels, a choker, my most recent obsession, and red flannel to go with my red lipstick. And done. To be honest for the hot weather that was happening at the time this outfit was perfect, and after looking at the images after like a month later I would totally re-wear it. 












Photography: Self -Portrait 
Flannel – UNIQLO
Shoes – Alexander McQueen
Bag – Zara
Choker –
Necklace – Killstar


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