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Like I said thousand times before, I love finding unpublished images, articles and gems inside my laptop. Sometimes when I have days that are meant for shootings, whenever it’s an outfit shoot, product shoot or in some cases an editorial, I tend to shoot 3 outfits in one day. To make sure I have content to post for the upcoming week or weeks. Most of the time you guys see that content within a week or two. Sometimes you don’t see it until 3 months later, and that’s the case with these images. It’s a funny story but I’ve shot this outfit right before I went to the fashion party held in Shoreditch, except I actually never made it to the party. I know right. What the hell! Actually, before I go off to my usual outfit story telling I’ve wanted to thank you guys for the support I go from you regarding the revamp of the “events” articles, especially on my last one (here) I really means a lot and I cannot wait to share more with you. It’s bit awkward as now at this point there isn’t much happening and I am not sure on my availably for the upcoming months. Let me know if it would interest you if I were to share with you on the events I went to as far as even last year. You tell me. 
I have also lot’s of things coming for this blog. This year I have realised that even thou I told myself I would concentrate more on what truly matters to me and really use the time right and the fact that I do live in London. However I was not able to do that. But that got me thinking. A lot. About what I want to do. My content, content ideas and what I want to be doing in general. And the more I blog. The more style and the more I write, edit YouTube videos the more I  realise how much I love doing it. Even taking photos for Instagram brings me pure joy. I also want to have more fun with this blog, and stop having all the content that I produce so over saturated and well the same thing. The point I’m trying to get across is that I want to do so much more than I’ve been doing. I hope you’re excited and ok with that because oh man I’m excited. Actually I cannot wait to do all that. It will be couple more weeks for me to truly get everything right and all. But wait for it. It will be worth it. 
Just like waiting for these images. I hope at least. As I said, these were shot just before an event that I actually was too tried to attend. Who am I? I don’t know at this point to be honest. I just know that this outfit represents the perfect “too lazy/too cold to dress cute for an event” It’s true. Even thou it was May when these images were taken I was too cold and too not bothered to actually dress cute. Actually when it comes to dressing cute, the only cute thing about my style is my pyjama. It’s pink. That’s all I have to say. As for my actual fashion wear during day time, let’s just say that I am slowly but surely killing my Doc’s, over wearing these jeans. The only love I am capable of feeling is for my sheer black t-shirt and black smokey eye. And can we please talk about this jacket for a second?! For some reason it’s always at the back of my closet when it actually should always be on my back. I definitely need to wear it more! Especially since the flower print looks so cool with the purple shade of my Doc’s! Well, that’s at least my opinion. 




















Photography: Self- Portraits 
Jacket – Goose Feel (full review
Top & Necklace – 
Trousers – Cheap Monday 
Shoes – Dr. Martens
Ring – Brandy Melville 
Silver Choker- New Look  


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