Posted on August 3, 2016 by Kinga Kurek

Finally, the time has came for me to finally publish these images and show you this outfit and make up look I’ve worn two months ago? I think it was two months ago, regardless, it’s definitely one of my favourite looks and make up looks I’ve done thous far. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’d know how obsessed I’ve been with red eyeshadow and red eye look and the “dead” look in general, you could call in bit unhealthy, but it’s very “me” type of look if I say so myself. This makeup that I’m wearing here was inspired by the Slipknot tee that I also have on. I use to hate yellow and orange, however now, paired with black and brown shades, oh man I’m a fan! I’ve actually filmed this make up look GRWM, it’s bit outdated but let me know if you’d still be interested in me publishing that video.  I need to get more storage beforehand haha! This Mac storage situation is not really funny, I don’t know why I’ve thought that 120GB was nearly enough when my laptop that has space of 400GB is also full! Someone help me, it’s an issue.
Than again, in order for me to have some space in on both of my hard drives I need to clear out some stuff and that means lots of posts coming! And let me warn you beforehand, all of them are pre-shot and pre-filmed. If you follow me on Instagram you’d know that I got a hair cut so for me posting images with different hair than I have now can be bit weird? I will shoot lots of outfits with my new hair, as I’ve noticed my style is bit different with it but we will get to it when we will get to it. It will take a while and there could be time that there could not be a post for a while as at this moment I am working on few cool things regarding this blog and it all takes time, I am sorry.
Back to the outfit. First off, I am sorry for the amount of images on here, than again I am not as, without sounding vain I love how they’ve turned out.  The vibe is just looks so cool! Well, not as much vibe more the images if I make sense at all! I don’t know for some reason I am really excited for finally publishing this outfit, maybe because I love the paring of yellow and black together and well I’m wearing a freaking Slipknot t-shirt so that justifies it I guess.  What favourite band t-shirt designs have you got? I need new ones to add to my collection (metal and rock bands would be much appreciated 🙂 ) Also I’ve forgot to add, when I’ve first worn this outfit I got a really nice compliment from a complete stranger telling me that my style “was the best he has seen for years”. Made my entire life, let’s just say!




























Pullover & Shorts & Rings – H&M
Top – Bravado Merch
Shoes – Doc Martens
Necklace – Swarovski 
Watch – Coach 


Thank you so much for every comment made! Each one of them means a lot!

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