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The times when I usually decide to wear all black and pair it up with leather jacket and leather boots during the summer are usually the days when the temperature hits above 25 degrees, sun is fully out and the humidity makes me want to struggle someone.  Why? Why am I doing this to myself? Well, mostly because I love wear all black everything and it’s no surprise on the day full of press days, running around and walking from place to place I worn exactly that. Let’s just say at the end of the day I was a sweaty mess, and the only 3 things that kept me going was iced soy lattes, water and wine later in the evening, in that order exactly. I definitely don’t forget to stay hydrated over the hot hours of the day time, trust me you don’t want to deal with me when I am dehydrated. Let’s just say I’m a complete mess, more than usual anyway. 
I remember around this time of year 3 years ago during a one of the photo shoots I was involved in, and that was back when I was modelling, we did Asian based photo shoot, which well, the make up and clothing wasn’t of course my personal cup of tea but was beautiful regardless, but it was so hot that I’m not kidding you during my second change of make up I’ve almost fainted from dehydration and the heat on the make up hair. Boy, did I scare the shit out of rest of the team! Of course, after I got some water in my system I was able to finish of the shoot and get home to chill. This experience has definitely made me realize how sensitive I am to heat, and lets just say it has gotten worse! During the heatwaves I am not able to do anything besides from dying inside! Anyone else? Don’t get me wrong, I like summer, and the warm weather allows me to wear outfits that otherwise I would not wear. But I’m talking about warm weather and not this hot torture! But I’m not complaining, I’m not. Ok, a little bit.
One thing I can’t complain about thou is this whole look and make up. Can we please talk about this make up for a second please? First off, it was not done by me, as much as I want to take the credit for it I won’t. It was done by the lovely make up artist from Charlotte Tilbury team over at House of Fraser Christmas in July event earlier on that day, that kind of tells you how long I had these images for, and I have few more, don’t fear I will share them. At some point. But yeah I got some make up touch up by the make up artist and I must say I was quite sad about the idea of getting rid of it as, gosh he did some goddamn job at it! I mean look at it! I feel like the super winged eye and red lips go so well with the simple of the silhouette of this outfit, and as always I’ve went with a bang when it came to accessories. You know I love me some necklaces and the obsession of mine with chokers came back with full speed. I feel like I’m back into my emo/scene phase haha! But updated. As it was a day full of running around I had to wear a backpack as it’s more comfortable than a handbag and I must say I’ve been wearing this backpack everyday since I got it! You can read a full review of it here











Photography: Self – Portraits 
Jacket – Vintage
Top –
Bra & Shorts – H&M
Shoes – H&M
Choker –
Short necklace – Vivienne Westwood
Long necklace – Regal Rose 
Watch – Coach 
Bracelet – Swarovski 
Bag – Fjallraven



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