I think it’s time for another change, or rather an update. For the past couple of weeks Josh and I became this hipster art duo, and not as much as we make art, we drool over it and judge it instead. Over analysing what the artist/s had in mind when creating it. What kind of torturous process it was and whenever it was all worth it. Couple of years ago when I was studying, art galleries and museums were like my second home, and reviewing them would be part of my studies however back than, it was as much fun for me as it is now. Most because back than I had no idea what I was doing therefore I didn’t enjoy it. Makes sense? And it’s not like I know what I’m doing while writing about art or writing reviews in general, however now it feels more natural for me and I like a good challenge. Recently, I’ve found an old essay of mine compering two different exhibition together and it felt more like an article for a publication rather than an essay. Plus I’ve judged the artists so harshly it would make me look like an asshole if any of you read it. That was two years ago.

And here I am, trying to bring something different to this blog, bring that part of me that was so important back in the day. That artsy kid that would rush in the matter of minutes for a new gallery opening or an exhibition. Thanks to Josh, my love for all things art grew again and stronger to the point where I am dying to share it with you. So here we go, my first official art exhibition review.

“Examples of memes are tunes, ideas, catchphrases, clothes fashions, ways of making pots or of building arches. Just as genes propagate themselves in the gene pool by leaping from body to body via sperms or eggs, so memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain via a process which, in the broad sense, can be called imitation.”                                                              -Richard Dawkins, A Selfish Gene

Earlier this week Josh and I went to see the art exhibition at Holdrons Arcade. However this wasn’t your typical art exhibition. This one had quite a modern touch to it, if I can call it like that. We live in an internet obsessed world, especially my generation it seems, and with the rise of 9Gag  and online humour mixed with pop culture and sarcasm, well let’s just say non of us were the same. Thanks to memes most people’s sense of humour just went to the next level, so much when we make a joke our family have no idea what we’re on about, because well that joke came from the internet. Or it could be just me. Thanks to the internet my sense of humour became slightly dark and not fit for the public, unless it’s Instagram of course. No wonder than that at the “What do you meme?” exhibition space I felt like at home, and slightly old as I’ve noticed the room was also filed with bunch of 16 year olds.
exhibition.  The free exhibition was created to celebrate the online culture of memes and art of course. As memes seem to be the new art. Getting their online fame from websites such as Reddit, 4chan or like I’ve mentioned before 9gag, memes became a part of social norm of communication thought the internet. The multicultural phenomenon were explored as an artistic practice that makes us think, feel and relate. It pokes at people of politics, such as Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as well as Donald Trump. It featured people of pop culture from The Simpsons, Friends and Pokemon, on top of that it also includes ordinary people that just happened to me at the right place (the internet) at the right time (mostly from 2014-now).

It featured the meme sites, meme archives, female meme collectives and the gold memes. The visual from the simple “internet meme” to the memes that were taken from social media or even real life. We know the stories of people who claimed their one minute of fame from becoming one of the most famous faces of the internet thanks to being transformed into a meme. To create the exhibition the meme lovers have submitted their favourite meme’s, the artist pantyhoe$ has created meme inspired pair of pants for the exhibition, as well as Instagram artist Gothshakira and Sensual Memes have collocated and created an original meme especially for the exhibition. It was defiantly a different experience from other exhibitions I’ve experiences thous far in my life, it was light-hearted in nature, there wasn’t much over analyzing more lots of laughter due the humorous nature of it. Many of the memes that were exhibited went viral online already so there were few well known lines or faces seen. Some of it must have been done quite recent as for example there was a reference of Pokemon Go which the entire 90s generation went cray cray over it! Well, that’s the beauty of the internet I guess, it goes fast in seconds. But will it be appreciated in the art world? Well, I hope so as we have to move with the time, so does art. Discuss below your thoughts.






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