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Do any of you get the feeling that even thou, you’ve been doing so much it does not feel like it at all. I have this feeling right now. Coming back from my holiday in Spain last week I left with feelings of accomplishment but at the same time I’ve thought I could do so much more than I actually did. We all know that holiday’s are meant for relaxing, having fun, rewinding, spending time with you friends and family forgetting all about the real responsibilities for a while such as, making sure you’ll wake up on time to get to work, or even the fact that unfortunately most of us have to go to work, even thou we much rather spend all of our energy wondering what is the meaning of life while sipping on extra strong coffee? However for me summer and holidays in general is a great excuse to spend my days and nights doing what I love and that’s creating. Whenever it’s a text, an image or a thought, these little things is what I live for, not only during holiday time but throughout the year. 

My one week vacation to Spain was much better than I have expected! And as I like to call myself someone who doesn’t in fact enjoy being on holiday for too long I did feel quite sad to leave this hot air bubble, however the time when the heat go too much for me and someone also had the responsibility of attending Christmas in July. And that’s how my vacation ended, however I did not leave empty handed (I did buy wine at the airport gift shop, just saying) I’ve came back with couple of articles to share with you! Shooting these sort of bought be back down the memory lane as even as far as a year ago or two years ago in order to have visual content for my blog I had to beg my family to take pictures of me. And this time it was the same situation as my tripod got left behind in London. These images were taken by my grandfather, who actually shoot me before hand. And I am loving the combination of the colours on here, the light, the angles… Well, he knows what he’s doing, as when he was younger photography and image making was he’s job, in quite grotesque field but still fascinating, I’m going to give you a hint. Maybe because of him I have a slight fascination with serial killers. 

If you seen my latest haul (link) you may already know that I’ve found that little Slipknot gem there. I am more and more into band t-shirts lately, it takes me back to when I was a teen and band t-shirts would all I would wear. And at this point all I have at my wardrobe, t-shirt wise, is band tee’s and simple tops. It makes dressing in the morning that much easier, I still have lots of tee’s, but the fact that I have only two “categories” makes it that much easier to style. It all depends on the situation and the weather of course. Wearing black in that blazing sun did not last long, even thou I feel best wearing darker colours, right after these photos I head to the apartment to cool down with and ice cream and a book. Best way to spend free time in my opinion.  And what are your thoughts on wearing darker clothing on the hot days? Do you prefer it or would rather avoid it? 

Top – Bravado Merch (bought at HMV)
Shorts – Bought at some random shop in Spain
Sandals – Teva 
Necklace – Vivienne Westwood 
Choker – 


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