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It’s finally Sunday so I guess I am obligated to blog today. I don’t know, but for some reason my thoughts and ideas transfer much more smoothly in writing on visual on Sundays. Even if I am working on a Sunday or am in general quite busy, being more expressive just come out so much easier. Maybe it’s a psychological thing. You know, our brain is coded that “Oh on Sunday it’s more chill, therefore I can work better”. Maybe I am making this up but I can’t be the only one that writing and being creative in general is so much easier on the Sunday. Comment if you agree with me. And that’s one of the reasons why I tend to love Sundays so much, during the weekday doing what I truly love, such as writing and wanting to get my self-expression out there, I just can’t, well we all have good and bad days, don’t we? But even on Sunday, even the worst day can’t be too bad couldn’t it? 

And I just spoke like a true pessimist right there, didn’t I? But there’s a reason why #SundayFunday is so popular on Instagram, it’s simply a fun day, when you can do whatever your heart desires, you can be creative, meet up with friends or just chill. You can also do all of those things in one day which for me personally that’s the best thing ever! You see. The more I blog, the more I am able to do the creative stuff, meet with people who have similar patters of thoughts like I do, makes me realise how much I truly love this side of my life. The fact that I can put my opinions out there for the world to see and get back any kind of feedback is so bizarre. And all I want to do at this moment is just learn, improve and damn it blog more! But without any pressure and schedule just for me, which is something that I’ve always did. Than again once you get comments, the views and the feedback there’s this slight pressure to create more to be even better. But those things take time, energy and lots of knowledge that well, at this point I can only work with what I have at the moment. But I really want to work more towards making this blog more, me! I cannot wait! 

And all it took for me to this conclusion was to just get away. Couple of weeks ago I went to Spain, you can see one more outfit from there over here and here. And even thou it’s been advices to me to take some time off. Think, relax and chill. I just couldn’t. I mean sure, I did relax, think and chilled for a bit. But at the same time I felt to ready to create! And most of all, I’ve wanted to do this for me. Well, this blog but well me. Writing in here and making my thoughts go free is so therapeutic, every time I publish a new post I feel so accomplished and happy, like I’ve done something right. And there isn’t a better feeling than that is it? Getting all of those thoughts out is kind of like a high. The best one in my opinion. Well the smell of the salt of the sea and warm breeze of Spain is awesome too, I’m not going to lie, haha. But how simple the lie seems to be there is just mind blowing, even the fashion. Maybe that’s why this outfit represents ideally my fashion choices of the one week I was there. Very chill and simple. I was laughing that I’ve felt like a pirate so it was only appropriate for me to have it shoot by the beach. Am I right?! 

Location: Spain

Top: Brandy Melville
Shorts & Bralet : H&M
Shoes: Teva
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood


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