I think it’s time we talked bit about music. Don’t you think? And I share music in every single post of mine, and for ages now I’ve been encouraged to review music on here and not just sharing it. Because I do love music, I am a huge fangirl after all. In fact I care more about bands than I do designers so it only makes sense for me not only share the clips but also my opinions on them. If you allow me of course. And as I write this my headphones are basting out the sound of Taylor Momsen’s rusty voice, along side the beat of the drums and guitar strings. And if you are still completely clueless on what I’m going on about, let me tell you. 

One of my favourite bands, The Pretty Reckless, last night publishes their latest single that apparently will appear on the new record that *drumroll please* will be out later this year, according to Taylor Momsen. Boy, am I excited?! You have no idea. First off. Before I will start talking about how I cannot wait for the album, lets concentrate on the single first. It the first single that always sets some sort of expectations for the upcoming record, doesn’t it? Well, this single defiantly sets a very high expectations and the best ones I may add. There’s a reason why I adore The Pretty Reckless and thats because they are perfect combination that brings old school rock music to the modern day. This new song strongly reminds me of the sound of The Rolling Stones, AC/DC or Guns ‘n’ Roses… you know, the classics. So if you enjoy rock music as much as I do and are mad about the fact that there isn’t music rock acts today, don’t fear, you won’t need many of the as The Pretty Reckless seem to have all of that happening in their new album! So please do yourself a favour and listen to the new song! Did I mention I cannot wait for the new album?! 



Image belongs to The Pretty Reckless
Music Clip belongs to The Pretty Reckless and Cooking Vinyl shared by IHeartRadio

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