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Today, I have a quite different blog post for you which I am quite excited about, not going to lie. I’m trying to do more diverse blog posts than only style posts, even thou they are my favourite kind of posts to make. But I want to branch out a bit more and post more “lifestyle” style posts. If that makes any sense. When I was invited to the Chase PR press day couple of weeks ago (or months, it’s been quite a long time) was introduced to the new collection of travel suitcases from one of their brands American Tourister. The luggage brand has totally caught my eye by their simple yet eye-catching design and slick silhouette. When I took this piece to the taste I was in shock how light it was. As the outside is made out of plastic with a naked eye it can look quite chunky and heavy when it’s anything but. The luggage in fact is light as feather, when empty of course, and that also helps when you pack heavy for holiday. We all know there’s nothing more annoying than having luggage being half the weight which leaves less space for all the crap we need on our sunny holiday. It also has 2 zip pouches inside for what? Well more crap. The suitcase I’ve chosen for this shoot was white with colourful square pattern, it mainly caught my eye because it reminded me of those late 90’s, early 20’s game boy games. Style and space! It’s a win win situation! So, that’s the suitcase, but what’s inside it? I’ve wanted to create a diverse “what to pack” type of post, for holiday we all know that it’s harder than it looks.
Pullover: H&M
Shorts: Found in a small Spanish shop
Top: Brandy Melville
Bra: H&M
Shoes: Teva
Bracelet: Swarovski
Over the years I’ve been known to take more clothes and accessories than I should, especially since I’ve started blogging, my choices of packing weren’t the greatest, I would have laughed half a year ago if someone would tell me that I gave an advice on any sort of packing! However I’ve finally came to my senses, and on my earlier trip to Spain in June       (posts here, here and here) I have packed only  few things that I knew I would wear and could style them on the blog. When going to another city or country for a week or two having only favourite fashion pieces that are both comfortable and appropriate for the weather is the best choice you can make. I’ve learned that the hard way. I would for years have stuff that I literally wore only once! Talk about waste of space! White t-shirt and blue jean shorts will for the most part fit any occasion when staying in hot country and also sandals! There was a time when I didn’t like them nor appreciate them, until now! And they have saved my feet when being on the rocky beach let me just say! 
Notebook: Muji
Book: “Stuffocation: living more with less” by James Wallman
Hair Brush: Rock & Ruddle
Eyeshadow palette: “Shade in Light” by Kat von D
Phone: IPhone 5s
Laptop: MacBook Pro 13.3in
As for the random bits and bots that we all need for holiday, clearly. Whenever I go I always have some sort of note book with me. And that’s for sketching, dropping down ideas and random thoughts. I comes really in handy when I have a cool idea or intro for an article I have to write it down otherwise I will forget it and it will be gone forever! During the holiday time I tend to have lots of ideas as I’m kind of taken away from the busy lifestyle I’ve got which makes my mind work more clearly. Another thing that I always have with me on holiday is a book. I think I’ve been taking books with me on holiday since I’ve been around 10 years old or younger. Once again I think being away helps not only to write but also to read, mostly because when I do read I need time for it as I get really attached to the stories. Currently I am reading book on minimalism and by all means I am not becoming minimalist but am at the process of decluttering my life and this book helps a lot, let me know if you want a review. As always if I am away for even one day I need my phone and laptop, mostly because I edit and write all the time, well being a blogger and all that would you expect anything from a blogger? haha. Again, I don’t tend to wear make up when on holiday except for blog shoots, and going out to dinners or drinks in the evening. I personally love the Kat Von D “Shade in Light” palette, it’s so versatile and easy to use!  
So, that’s all the stuff I would take with me on holiday and that’s how I would pack them in that suitcase! Let me know if you enjoyed this blog post and if you would like more! 
Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with American Tourister all and opinions are my own. 


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  • Fashioned by Pluche August 1, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    I never really go anywhere (or at least, not out of the country) and still I'm amazed at how much I lug around with me on a day 'out'. It's just useless space -or rather: useless weight- that brings you down instead of up. Actually we should hold these 'rules' (or things we've experienced) more close to our hearts. Decluttering, it's a magical word (and one I'm very bad at..). 😉



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