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Hi, how you’ve all been? What’s up? How’s everyone doing? Are you ready go back in time? No, oh ok.. But it’s been like 75 years since my last fashion product review so I’ve thought I’d give it ago again instead being lazy like hell and only post outfit photos. But please brace yourself because I have tone of looks already ready to be published featuring this beauty. And by this beauty I mean the new bag by Fjallraven “Kanken No.2”. Around a month ago I was kindly invited to attend and Fjallraven press day and find out all about the new “Kanken No.2” and see the latest womenswear and menswear collections by the Fjallraven. The brand that is known for it’s diverse bag packs which for some reason I literally see everywhere, had really impressive clothes designs! Guys, the womenswear jackets, tops and something I like to call shirt-jacket were the star of the show in my opinion (that is if we don’t count the backpacks!).
About the new “Re- Kanken” 
The Swedish brand that is known for it’s natural and functional aesthetics, have revamped one of their most popular products “Kanken” backpack! Originally designed by the Fjallraven’s founder, Ale Nordin in the 1970’s in order to improve the quality of carrying books and folders by the Swedish children, and we all know how carrying these is so bad for your back. Due to it’s unique design and easy to use function the brand expanded beyond Sweden and has been frequently spotted worn by bloggers, fashion insiders, celebrities and of course everyday people! Because the bag is so versatile in use, easy to carry and stylish it’s success is not surprise. I am kind of annoyed I haven’t jumped on that backpack bandwagon earlier! But now I can finally classify myself as the cool kid with the cool new bag! I personally went for a black version, but again would you expect anything else from me? However if you wish to put more color into your wardrobe go for a different version and get the green khaki one!  The one you see here is the 15in and it’s an ideal size, as it’s not massive like most backpacks you see on the high street and it fits my MacBook 13in perfectly! It even has a separate pocked inside for a laptop, as well as front pocket for all the crap we all have in our bags of course, as well as two side pockets which I found recently isn’t only amazing for having bottle of water in but also your iPod! Ahh I love a multifunctional product!
Some facts about “Re-Kanken no.2 Black Edition” 
  • The one yarn that holds the whole backpack together was transformed into 3 materials.
  • This new improved version is made out of 95% recycled material
  • There is less H2O (water) used in making of this backpack as much as 75%!
  • There was also 67% less chemicals used in order to making this backpack possible!
  • And to make things even better there was 39% less energy used in the production of the backpack!
  • On top of that it’s yarn is made out of 11 recycled plastics bottles!
It’s not a secret that I love fashion, but at the same time it kills me how bad it is for the environment and the quality we live in. That’s why whenever I see a brand that has at least one ethical, environmentally or animal friendly factor I support it! Fashion should not kill the planet we live in! The backpack will be available in August of 2016 on Fjallraven website as well as selected stores.










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