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Recently, I’ve been feeling really conflicted about my current situation in life, and let me explain to you how my life seems to work. Once one thing falls into place another falls out, it’s this constant battle to keep everything in place and than again something happens and the perfect picture is broken. Do I make sense, probably not. But than again it’s not the first time so. Ever since I’ve changed jobs, which in the creative aspect must have been one of the best decisions I’ve made! I am in such better place there, I feel respected, appreciated and supported. Again nothing fashion related, but it’s communication and marketing related, and even thou it’s in my zone I feel bit out of my zone because doing social media and online marketing for myself or doing social media at the events for Meade Magazine it totally something different than doing it for a brand or a company, the approach to it is different, the content needs to be different, the timing and the way the content is promoted is crucial! And for the first time, in a full time job I am not being told step by step what to do and I need to set myself my own tasks, create those ideas, plan so much in advance and I’m beginning to release how working online and social media takes so much time, thoughts and planning ahead. 
Sure I  knew that but not to that extent! And once again, I feel this cloud of pressure hanging above me, from my work colleagues but mostly from myself. Because failure is not an option, I just want to learn and improve in what I’m doing, in both fields, my work and this, blog, styling, writing, filming. And stop limiting myself, and get back into my old interests, such as drawing, designing and making, not caring whenever I’m good at it for not. I just really want to go back into my super creative days, get back into that mind set of that motivated 17 year old and see what it will happen to this blog and my writing and styling if I do. If I really step out of comfort zone once again and post lots of random crap but it will be my random crap. Sounds fun? 
But going back to the fact that I feel conflicted, well let’s just say as I was walking back to my old work and it have saved me so much money, now as much as I’d like to walk to work it’s just impossible, I mean it is but walking for +2 hours one way, no, it ain’t going to happen even from me! So, that means I am taking public transit and while I am being productive there, editing and writing, the amount of money it goes towards to plus rent, and paying for life. Well it’s a lot. And now the question is do I stay where I am, move forward and postpone, my plans for travel/school (or take a loan) stop shopping and really suck up but stay in London with amazing location, next to my friends, close to so many artistic places and minds or do I move out of London, move back to my parents but than again only pay for food and travel and save up a lot but be disconnected from this creative bubble I am in? Do you see my struggle? I’m so sorry if this post is so personal but I’ve been trying to make this blog more personal and more me. So be ready for tone of randomness! 


Now back to the outfit! I’ve worn this couple of weeks ago during the Teva press breakfast at Ham Yard Hotel where the brand presented their SS16 collection which is just the bomb! And seeing this with my blogger gang, Josh, Georgie and Lizzie made it even more fun! Also I can’t wait to show you the outfits I have planned with some of their shoes (spoiler: it will be music related!) Not being a sandals person I must have say their collection was amazing, I loved the variety of it, there was something for everyone! Teva, your hitting it up! However I think we all know that when a sandals press day is one the only appropriate thing to wear are boots because that makes sense right? Well, for having flat feat it’s the most comfortable type of footwear to wear. And not being your girly girl, I had to wear a dress with it. I personally love simple dresses with boots and chunky footwear! I feel like it gives such a nice balance to everything and who said dresses need to be worn with only with highest heels! Paired with leather jacket and tattoo choker, because I am original like that, I feel like that would be such an amazing festival look! I’ve never been but my goal is Download, Woodstock and Hammerfest. Oh lack of money why are you denying my dreams! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this look and don’t forget to check out Teva! They are such a cool brand! Love xx  













Photography: Josh Milton 
Jacket – Vintage
Dress – Zara



  • Joanne Mallon June 13, 2016 at 5:28 pm

    You look supercool! Don't be afraid of more personal posts, they're often the ones most worth writing. One thing I would say is that although you say “failure is not an option” the truth is that we all fail sometimes and this is OK. Failure doesn't matter so much, it's what comes next that counts – this is how we learn and grow and progress through life.

    Wishing you every success.


  • Em June 13, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    It's great when you find your motivation again. It's nice to hear you are feeling better – I have been through something similar recently! Your outfit really suits you, I especially love the jacket! You have a stunning figure!


  • Lauren Maria June 15, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    Cool outfit. Personally I'd stay in London and suck up all the atmosphere etc, plenty more of time to save later on for more adventures. Enjoy this one while you're in it
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  • Arinda Puspitasari June 18, 2016 at 7:27 am

    You look so cool!
    Love the dress ❤


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